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Member Directory

Below is a complete list of SBAACS members listed in alphabetical order by last name. Use the "Find" function in your web browser by pressing Ctrl+F (Cmd+F for Mac/OS) and then entering a search term to seach for a specific member or product on this page.
Name Location & Products Social & Contact
Abderhalden, Claudia Location: Crafts
Products: jewelry, handsewn crafts
Click for the Claudia Abderhalden WebsiteSend and email to Claudia Abderhalden Claudia
Adams, Bonnie Location: Crafts spaces 107-110
Products: stained glass, wind chimes, macramé textiles, lamps, jewelry boxes, clocks, digital photography, photo mats
Send and email to Bonnie Adams Bonnie
Anderson, Hana Location: Crafts
Products: porcelain ceramics, mosaics, cards with ceramic designs, jewelry, knitting
Send and email to Hana Anderson Hana
Arney, David Location: Crafts
Products: wooden planters and photography
Send and email to David Arney David
Banales, Emma Location: Crafts spaces 217-220
Products: crochet crafts
Barkan, Roanna Location: Crafts spaces 222-225
Products: clothing, unicorns, princesses, hair accessory, bead necklaces and bracelets; fabric handbags, purses and totes
Send and email to Roanna Barkan Roanna
Barnard, Charlotte Location: Crafts spaces 142-144
Products: glass and sterling silver jewelry
Click for the Charlotte Barnard WebsiteSend and email to Charlotte Barnard Charlotte
Bayless, James Location: Crafts spaces 110-113
Products: jewelry, lapidary
Click for the James Bayless WebsiteSend and email to James Bayless James
Beddingfield, Ken Location: Crafts spaces 130-132
Products: ceramics, candles from handmade molds of found objects, wood crafts, mobile and kinetic sculptures, magnets, wire hand puzzles
Send and email to Ken Beddingfield Ken
Beickel, Michael Location: Arts spaces 244-248
Products: caricatures, paintings, drawings, silk screens, etchings, lithographs, linoleum blocks
Click for the Michael Beickel WebsiteSend and email to Michael Beickel Michael
Benwitt, Chuck Location: Arts spaces 175-180
Products: paintings, mixed media, photography, photo magnets
Send and email to Chuck Benwitt Chuck
Bergey, Lucinda Location: Crafts spaces 213-215
Products: ceramics, crochet crafts, handsewn crafts
Send and email to Lucinda Bergey Lucinda
Bhatti, Zaffar Location: Arts spaces 197-201
Products: painting
Send and email to Zaffar Bhatti Zaffar
Blair, Amy Location: Crafts spaces 116-118
Products: jewelry
Send and email to Amy Blair Amy
Bojorquez, Christopher Location: Crafts spaces 239-242
Products: glass crafts
Send and email to Christopher Bojorquez Christopher
Brady, Jaya Location: Crafts
Products: bathing suits, cover-ups, boot cuffs, shoe cuffs, pendant necklaces, bracelets, bags, earrings, rings, hairpins
Send and email to Jaya Brady Jaya
Brown, Lisa Location: Crafts spaces 121-124
Products: jewelry
Send and email to Lisa Brown Lisa
Buchanan, Peggy Location: Arts spaces 46-51
Products: frameless acrylic paintings, "Chick" series
Send and email to Peggy Buchanan Peggy
Calhoun, Julia Location: Arts spaces 110-115
Products: paintings, leather crafts, watercolor books
Send and email to Julia Calhoun Julia
Campbell, Sharon Location: Arts spaces 165-170
Products: painting
Send and email to Sharon Campbell Sharon
Carraher, Tera Location: Crafts spaces 148-150
Products: purses and ponchos
Send and email to Tera Carraher Tera
Champe, Michael Location: Arts spaces 97-101
Products: painting, pen and ink drawings, silk screens, color photography, mixed media, sculpture, digital art
Click for the Michael Champe WebsiteSend and email to Michael Champe Michael
Conti, Jessica Location: Crafts spaces 177-179
Products: handsewn purses, machine sewn leather wallets and bags
Click for the Jessica Conti WebsiteSend and email to Jessica Conti Jessica
Corcoran, Kathy Location: Arts spaces 27-32
Products: painting, photography
Send and email to Kathy Corcoran Kathy
Cossman, Lindsey Location: Crafts spaces 144-146
Products: glass jewelry
Click for the Lindsey Cossman WebsiteSend and email to Lindsey Cossman Lindsey
Crosbie, Neal Location: Arts spaces 41-45
Products: painting, mixed media
Send and email to Neal Crosbie Neal
Dannehower, Marilyn Location: Crafts spaces 113-116
Products: wire wrap jewelry, cards, painted sand dollars, fimo Christmas ornaments
Click for the Marilyn Dannehower WebsiteSend and email to Marilyn Dannehower MarilynFacebook Logo
De la Rocha, Armando Location: Crafts spaces 58-60
Products: ceramics
Send and email to Armando De la Rocha ArmandoFacebook Logo
Dobrianov, Stefan Location: Crafts spaces 150-153
Products: leather belt, tablet case, and wallet; leather surfboard sculpture; leather bag, keychain, cuff, bracelet, ring, necklace, sleeve, cardholder, tray, motorcycle side bag, and seat
Click for the Stefan Dobrianov WebsiteSend and email to Stefan Dobrianov StefanFacebook Logo
Draeger, David Location: Crafts spaces 188-191
Products: wire wrap jewelry, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings
Send and email to David Draeger DavidFacebook Logo
Drew Jr., Charles Location: Crafts spaces 78-82
Products: toys, trivets, clocks, bud vases, candle holders, switch plates, outlet covers, bottle stoppers, door bells
Send and email to Charles Drew Jr. Charles
Dunbar, Susan Location: Crafts spaces 104-107
Products: pottery, jewelry
Click for the Susan Dunbar WebsiteSend and email to Susan Dunbar Susan
Evelyn-Weddle, Kim Location: Crafts spaces 3-6
Products: quilted crafts, sachets, painting, framed photos, digital photography, cards, photography on wood, resin jewelry
Foresta, Ken Location: Arts spaces 80-84
Products: watercolor painting
Send and email to Ken Foresta Ken
Forssi, Charles Location: Crafts spaces 56-58
Products: wood crafts, wind chimes, plant hangers, mobiles, basket trivets
Click for the Charles Forssi WebsiteSend and email to Charles Forssi Charles
Forssi, Doris Location: Crafts spaces 50-54
Products: clothing with designed and cut patterns, whirligigs, wind chimes, jewelry, woodworking
Fox, Linda Location: Crafts spaces 132-135
Products: jewelry, accessories
Send and email to Linda Fox Linda
Gandy, Melinda Location: Arts
Products: oil painting
Send and email to Melinda Gandy Melinda
Geiger, Judith Location: Arts spaces 180-185
Products: painted silks, ceramic tiles, fused glass wall pieces
Click for the Judith Geiger WebsiteSend and email to Judith Geiger Judith
Genet, Marc Location: Arts spaces 76-80
Products: oil, acrylic and pastel paintings; silkscreens, greeting cards
Send and email to Marc Genet Marc
Gerlach, Phillip Location: Arts spaces 135-139
Products: photography
Click for the Phillip Gerlach WebsiteSend and email to Phillip Gerlach Phillip
Glidewell, John Location: Arts
Products: sculpture
Goff, Christine Location: Crafts spaces 225-228
Products: comforters, vests, baskets
Send and email to Christine Goff Christine
Goodwin, Kristina Location: Crafts spaces 88-91
Products: dolls, kitchen crafts, quilts, textiles, crochet crafts
Send and email to Kristina Goodwin Kristina
Grandfield, Amanda Location: Arts spaces 101-105
Products: digital photography, paintings, digital illustrations
Click for the Amanda Grandfield WebsiteSend and email to Amanda Grandfield Amanda
Grandfield, John Location: Arts spaces 105-110
Products: painting, prints, digital photography
Click for the John Grandfield WebsiteSend and email to John Grandfield John
Green, Brent Location: Arts spaces 234-238
Products: painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, mobiles
Send and email to Brent Green Brent
Gregory, Ana Maria Location: Crafts spaces 68-71
Products: soaps
Send and email to Ana Maria Gregory Ana Maria
Gruenberg, Joel Location: Crafts spaces 139-142
Products: wooden crafts
Send and email to Joel Gruenberg Joel
Hamilton, Cris Location: Arts spaces 238-242
Products: watercolor paintings, digital art
Send and email to Cris Hamilton CrisFacebook LogoInstagram Logo
Healy, Deborah Location: Crafts spaces 20-22
Products: jewelry, lapidary
Click for the Deborah Healy WebsiteSend and email to Deborah Healy Deborah
Healy, Kevin Location: Crafts spaces 22-26
Products: jewelry, lapidary, metal sculpture
Click for the Kevin Healy WebsiteSend and email to Kevin Healy Kevin
Heising, Helen Location: Crafts spaces 54-56
Products: jewelry, wooden boxes, metal lanterns, candle holders
Send and email to Helen Heising Helen
Hernandez, Elena Location: Crafts spaces 137-139
Products: sewn and crochet crafts
Hieter, David Location: Arts spaces 24-27
Products: photography
Send and email to David Hieter David
Hildebrand, Robert Location: Arts spaces 120-125
Products: painting, pen and ink drawings, digital photography
Click for the Robert Hildebrand WebsiteSend and email to Robert Hildebrand Robert
Hillenbach, Janice Location: Crafts spaces 35-37
Products: pottery, ceramic wands and frames, wind chime, wire wrap jewelry, soldered jewelry, lapidary, woven beaded bracelets, wallets, sea glass jewelry; stained glass items and hanging flower holders
Send and email to Janice Hillenbach Janice
Hockin, James Location: Arts spaces 157-161
Products: watercolor, drawing
Send and email to James Hockin James
Holeckova, Sarka Location: Arts
Products: photography
Click for the Sarka Holeckova WebsiteSend and email to Sarka Holeckova Sarka
Holmes, Thomas Location: Crafts spaces 39-42
Products: wooden toys and yo-yos
Send and email to Thomas Holmes Thomas
Homem, Leah Location: Crafts spaces 150-153
Products: bags, necklaces, bracelets, painting, rings, hair accessories
Click for the Leah Homem WebsiteSend and email to Leah Homem LeahFacebook Logo
Horstin, Nicole Location: Crafts spaces 82-85
Products: children's clothing, aprons, bibs, purses, sewn crafts, capes, grocery bags, swaddling blankets, hanging towels
Click for the Nicole Horstin WebsiteSend and email to Nicole Horstin Nicole
Hotujac, Olga Location: Arts spaces 51-56
Products: oil and acrylic painting
Click for the Olga Hotujac WebsiteSend and email to Olga Hotujac OlgaFacebook LogoTwitter LogoInstagram Logo
Hugo, Susan Location: Crafts spaces 135-137
Products: jewelry
Click for the Susan Hugo WebsiteSend and email to Susan Hugo Susan
Jacobs, Tanda Location: Arts spaces 56-61
Products: oil painting
Send and email to Tanda Jacobs TandaFacebook Logo
Jacobsen, Janet Location: Crafts spaces 93-96
Products: kinetic butterfly sculpture, jewelry, mirror magnets, painted rocks, stained glass sun catchers, fabric flowers, headbands, hair pins, and pin stems
Send and email to Janet Jacobsen Janet
Jaramillo, Frances Location: Crafts spaces 146-148
Products: scarves, blankets, barrel bag purses, crochet dish scrubbies, pot holders, ear warmers, headbands, bathing suit cover-ups
Send and email to Frances Jaramillo Frances
Joehnck, Fred Location: Crafts spaces 33-35
Products: wind chimes, photography, pot hangers, furnishings
Send and email to Fred Joehnck Fred
Julian, Mette Location: Crafts spaces craft center lawn
Products: ceramic pottery, sculpture
Send and email to Mette Julian Mette
Junak, Steve Location: Crafts spaces 1-3
Products: leather belts, books, barrettes, wallets, purses, key holders
Send and email to Steve Junak Steve
Kazmerzak, Brad Location: Arts spaces 92-97
Products: photography, polaroid prints digitally printed
Click for the Brad Kazmerzak WebsiteSend and email to Brad Kazmerzak BradFacebook LogoInstagram Logo
Kennedy, Jeff Location: Arts spaces 115-120
Products: woodworking crafts, cast ornaments, sculpture, photography, painting, kinetic art
Send and email to Jeff Kennedy Jeff
Khazeny, Houshang Location: Crafts spaces 26-30
Products: glass crafts, mirrors, jewelry boxes, lamps, etchings, sandblasted tiles, wind chimes, clocks, furniture, jewelry
Kociomyk, Katarzyna Location: Arts
Products: oil and acrylic painting
Click for the Katarzyna Kociomyk WebsiteSend and email to Katarzyna Kociomyk Katarzyna
Koorey, Jim Location: Crafts spaces 47-50
Products: feather and leather frames, tables, hat bands, jewelry boxes, painting, wire wrap jewelry
Send and email to Jim Koorey Jim
Kraft, Charlene Location: Arts spaces 37-41
Products: painting
Click for the Charlene Kraft WebsiteSend and email to Charlene Kraft Charlene
Kristine, Meadow Rose Location: Arts spaces 84-88
Products: photographs on wood, magnets
Click for the Meadow Rose Kristine WebsiteSend and email to Meadow Rose Kristine Meadow RoseFacebook Logo
Kry, Jerry Location: Crafts spaces 170-174
Products: pottery
Send and email to Jerry Kry Jerry
Landreau, Margaret Location: Crafts spaces 45-47
Products: soaps, wire wrap jewelry, formed metal jewelry, photo cards, jewelry with stones, wands, wand with beads, lapidary, PMC jewelry, soldered jewelry
Send and email to Margaret Landreau Margaret
LaPointe, John Location: Crafts spaces 6-9
Products: pottery, wood stands, juggling sticks, ironwork, metal stands
Send and email to John LaPointe JohnPinterest Logo
Larson, Barbara Location: Arts spaces 249-250
Products: steel art for home and garden
Send and email to Barbara Larson BarbaraFacebook Logo
Leal, Megan Location: Arts spaces 193-197
Products: acrylic painting, photography, sculpture and mold, resin jewelry
Click for the Megan Leal WebsiteSend and email to Megan Leal MeganFacebook Logo
Lehman, Laurie Location: Crafts spaces 63-65
Products: precious metal jewelry
Click for the Laurie Lehman WebsiteSend and email to Laurie Lehman Laurie
Lehman, Eric Location: Arts
Products: acrylic paintings, cardboard sculptures
Send and email to Eric Lehman Eric
Lewis, Elizabeth Location: Crafts spaces 179-181
Products: copper jewelry
Click for the Elizabeth Lewis WebsiteSend and email to Elizabeth Lewis ElizabethFacebook Logo
Lewis, Judy Location: Arts spaces 190-193
Products: painting, mixed media painting
Send and email to Judy Lewis Judy
Longo, Anthony Location: Arts spaces 32-37
Products: pottery, sculpture, fused glass, fountains, brushes, clay critters
Send and email to Anthony Longo AnthonyFacebook Logo
Loperfido, Marilyn Location: Crafts spaces 60-63
Products: sewn crafts, digital prints applied to textile crafts, wire wrap jewelry
Click for the Marilyn Loperfido WebsiteSend and email to Marilyn Loperfido Marilyn
Lopez, Efrain Location: Crafts spaces 208-211
Products: silk screen key chains, visors, wrist bags, resin and wire wrap jewelry; dog collars, leashes, sweaters, harnesses and carriers
Loughran, Kevin Location: Crafts spaces 199-201
Products: switch plates, metal art, sculpture, digital photography
Click for the Kevin Loughran WebsiteSend and email to Kevin Loughran Kevin
Loughran, Nipaporn Location: Crafts spaces 245-248
Products: soap, lotion, scented stone, photography. nylon fabric crafts, wire-wrapped and handmade jewelry
Send and email to Nipaporn Loughran Nipaporn
Loving, Daniel Location: Crafts spaces 158-160
Products: chairs, lazy susans
Click for the Daniel Loving WebsiteSend and email to Daniel Loving Daniel
MacKenzie, Emmy Location: Crafts spaces 164-167
Products: lost wax cast silver jewelry, enamel jewelry
Send and email to Emmy MacKenzie Emmy
Martell, Kasandra Location: Arts spaces 144-149
Products: pen and ink drawing, mixed media painting, digital photography
Maupin, Thomas Location: Crafts spaces 181-184
Products: wine barrel furniture, pet beds
Click for the Thomas Maupin WebsiteSend and email to Thomas Maupin Thomas
McGlenn, Russ Location: Crafts spaces 184-186
Products: stone carvings, jewelry
Send and email to Russ McGlenn Russ
McNeill, Susan Location: Crafts
Products: photographs and greeting cards
Click for the Susan McNeill WebsiteSend and email to Susan McNeill Susan
Megyei, Lilia Location: Crafts spaces 13-16
Products: stockings, lace, purses with handmade roses, painting, glass art, wire wrap and beaded jewelry, recycled stump glass bottles, plates and lamps from recycled glass, glass masks
Send and email to Lilia Megyei LiliaFacebook Logo
Mitchell, Nadine Location: Crafts spaces 160-164
Products: sewn crafts, visors, key clips, belts, hanging photos, walking sticks
Send and email to Nadine Mitchell Nadine
Moghaddam, Amir Location: Arts spaces 8-12
Products: painting
Click for the Amir Moghaddam WebsiteSend and email to Amir Moghaddam Amir
Montalbo, Gary Location: Crafts spaces 42-45
Products: wood baskets, copper spirals, metal sculpture
Monteath, Ed Location: Crafts spaces 155-158
Products: wooden crafts, serving utensils
Morris, Lorie Location: Arts spaces 153-157
Products: photograph, greeting cards, digital photography
Send and email to Lorie Morris Lorie
Newman, Pamela Location: Crafts spaces 191-194
Products: wire wrap jewelry, wine glass jewelry, watches, digital photography, crochet bottle holders
Send and email to Pamela Newman Pamela
Odom, Chaille Location: Crafts spaces 153-155
Products: metal jewelry
Click for the Chaille Odom WebsiteSend and email to Chaille Odom ChailleFacebook LogoInstagram Logo
Orlando, Greg Location: Crafts spaces 85-88
Products: bottle stoppers, cards
Pagliaro, Eugene Location: Arts spaces 149-152
Products: watercolors
Send and email to Eugene Pagliaro Eugene
Pate, Steven Location: Crafts spaces 98-100
Products: leather items
Send and email to Steven Pate Steven
Pavlov, Krste Location: Arts spaces 125-130
Products: mixed media painting, ink watercolor, acrylic and airbrush painting, digital art and photography series
Click for the Krste Pavlov WebsiteSend and email to Krste Pavlov KrsteFacebook Logo
Petersen, Mark Location: Arts spaces 214-218
Products: painting
Click for the Mark Petersen WebsiteSend and email to Mark Petersen MarkFacebook Logo
Pini, Deanna Location: Crafts spaces 205-208
Products: ceramics, drawing, fused plastic crafts, slump glass crafts
Send and email to Deanna Pini Deanna
Pritchard, Daved Location: Arts spaces 229-234
Products: bronze sculpture
Send and email to Daved Pritchard Daved
Puetz, Elisabeth Location: Crafts spaces 100-102
Products: dolls, doll dresses, sweaters, pins, pendants
Click for the Elisabeth Puetz WebsiteSend and email to Elisabeth Puetz Elisabeth
Remick, Barbara Location: Crafts
Products: precious metal clay jewelry
Click for the Barbara Remick WebsiteSend and email to Barbara Remick BarbaraFacebook LogoPinterest LogoInstagram Logo
Rhodes, Thomas Location: Crafts spaces 73-75
Products: jewelry
Send and email to Thomas Rhodes Thomas
Richardson, Bill Location: Arts spaces 209-214
Products: painting
Richardson, Steve Location: Arts spaces 1-4
Products: painting
Click for the Steve Richardson WebsiteSend and email to Steve Richardson Steve
Rindlaub, John Location: Arts spaces 204-209
Products: woodblock and woodcut prints, pen and ink drawings, linoleum blocks, painting, digital photography
Click for the John Rindlaub WebsiteSend and email to John Rindlaub JohnFacebook Logo
Roberts, James Location: Crafts spaces 16-20
Products: pottery, linoleum block prints
Send and email to James Roberts James
Ross, Lenny Location: Crafts spaces 201-205
Products: wood crafts, digital photography; solar, electronic, and kinetic sculptures
Send and email to Lenny Ross Lenny
Rothman, Lyz Location: Arts spaces 4-7
Products: watercolor painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, digital painting
Click for the Lyz Rothman WebsiteSend and email to Lyz Rothman LyzFacebook Logo
Sanchez, Claudia Location: Crafts
Products: jewelry
Click for the Claudia Sanchez WebsiteSend and email to Claudia Sanchez ClaudiaFacebook Logo
Saubestre, Kate Location: Arts
Products: acrylic paintings
Click for the Kate Saubestre WebsiteSend and email to Kate Saubestre KateFacebook LogoInstagram Logo
Schmitz, Edward Location: Arts spaces 12-16
Products: photography
Send and email to Edward Schmitz Edward
Schrader, David Location: Arts spaces 218-223
Products: digital photography
Send and email to David Schrader David
Schroeter, Kiyoko Location: Crafts spaces 248-250
Products: clothing, book covers, purses, accessories, macramé textiles
Send and email to Kiyoko Schroeter Kiyoko
Sendra, Cat Location: Arts
Products: encaustic paintings
Send and email to Cat Sendra Cat
Shahrouzi, Ali Location: Arts
Products: photography
Slater, Susan Location: Arts spaces 185-189
Products: painting, drawing
Click for the Susan Slater WebsiteSend and email to Susan Slater Susan
Soutar, Pegeen Location: Crafts
Products: pottery
Send and email to Pegeen Soutar PegeenFacebook Logo
Sparks, Leigh Location: Arts spaces 201-204
Products: painting
Click for the Leigh Sparks WebsiteSend and email to Leigh Sparks Leigh
Starr, Mandy Location: Arts spaces 16-21
Products: painting
Send and email to Mandy Starr Mandy
Stuart, Candice Location: Crafts spaces 220-222
Products: marbleized paper, collages, clipboards, frames, painted pillows, handbags
Click for the Candice Stuart WebsiteSend and email to Candice Stuart Candice
Styczynski, Tom Location: Arts
Products: photography, sculpture
Send and email to Tom Styczynski Tom
Sugich, David Location: Crafts spaces 102-104
Products: stained glass kaleidoscopes
Send and email to David Sugich David
Sugich, Nadereh Location: Crafts spaces 9-13
Products: glass boxes, kaleidoscopes, stained glass, fabric crafts
Send and email to Nadereh Sugich Nadereh
Suman, Alvaro Location: Crafts spaces 236-239
Products: ceramic items, jewelry and paintings
Send and email to Alvaro Suman Alvaro
Summer, Cari Location: Crafts spaces 75-78
Products: sewn items, clay jewelry, stuffed animal, doll, stick animal, children's measuring stick, painting, jewelry, altered upscale sewing items, resin pendant, wire wrapped and metal necklace, earring, and bracelet with sea glass and beads; leather earring and bracelet
Click for the Cari Summer WebsiteSend and email to Cari Summer CariFacebook LogoPinterest LogoInstagram Logo
Sweatt, Linda Location: Crafts spaces 118-121
Products: clothing, textiles, fabrics
Click for the Linda Sweatt WebsiteSend and email to Linda Sweatt Linda
Szilvassy, Pali Ex Location: Arts spaces 130-135
Products: painting, drawing, calligraphy, laser reproductions, painted tabletops, photography
Send and email to Pali Ex Szilvassy Pali Ex
Talbordet, Lyne Location: Arts spaces 141-144
Products: collages, plaster terra cotta embossed prints, sculpture
Tavakkoly, Aundrea Location: Arts spaces 223-228
Products: digital photography, painting, laminated photo magnets
Click for the Aundrea Tavakkoly WebsiteSend and email to Aundrea Tavakkoly Aundrea
Terrell, Sylvie Location: Crafts spaces 65-68
Products: jewelry
Click for the Sylvie Terrell WebsiteSend and email to Sylvie Terrell SylvieInstagram Logo
Visbal, Mark Location: Crafts spaces 211-213
Products: jewelry crafted from titanium, silver, brass, cast resin, and bronze; photography
Send and email to Mark Visbal Mark
Walbridge, John Location: Crafts spaces 174-177
Products: wooden lamps and wooden crafts
Click for the John Walbridge WebsiteSend and email to John Walbridge John
Walters, Charles Location: Crafts spaces 124-128
Products: glass bottles, paper weights, perfume bottles
Send and email to Charles Walters Charles
Ward, Chris Location: Crafts spaces 71-73
Products: wire wrap jewelry, electroformed jewelry
Click for the Chris Ward WebsiteSend and email to Chris Ward ChrisFacebook Logo
Weber, Claire Location: Crafts spaces 37-39
Products: beaded and woven metal jewelry, sculptural crafts
Send and email to Claire Weber Claire
Werling, Bob Location: Arts spaces 161-165
Products: photography
Send and email to Bob Werling Bob
Wheeler, Andrew Location: Crafts
Products: wire wrap jewelry
Send and email to Andrew Wheeler Andrew
Whitney, Eric Location: Crafts spaces 167-170
Products: chainmaille jewelry
Send and email to Eric Whitney Eric
Wilson, Ute Location: Crafts spaces 91-93
Products: whimsical dolls, wire and glass jewelry
Send and email to Ute Wilson Ute
Wright, Guy Location: Crafts
Products: ukuleles
Send and email to Guy Wright Guy
Zardo, Janine Location: Crafts spaces 30-33
Products: sheepskin crafts, string baskets, leather crafts
Zeager, Allison Location: Crafts
Products: leather jewelry, placemats, coasters, pouches, pins, bracelets, hair clips, and key chains
Click for the Allison Zeager WebsiteSend and email to Allison Zeager AllisonInstagram Logo
Zheng, Yin Ping Location: Arts spaces 170-174
Products: traditional Chinese paintings
Send and email to Yin Ping Zheng Yin Ping
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2015
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