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Tree Application and Parkway PlantingParks

 Tree Removal Application

Residents with street trees adjacent to or in front of their home, are required to maintain the trees watering needs, as well as clean up fallen debris such as leaves or berries. However, parkway plantings, removal, and trimmings may only be conducted by City staff. Residents requesting the removal of a tree must fill out the application above.

Removal applications are reviewed by the Arborist and Street Tree Advisory Committee. The Street Tree Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Commission at regularly held public meetings. The review process takes up to 60 days. For street trees, if the tree is found to be in good condition and the removal request is granted solely for the convenience of the applicant, the full cost of such removal and replacement shall be borne by the applicant. If the removal is determined necessary due to the condition of the tree, the City will assume the responsibility for all removal and replacement costs. Tree removal will be scheduled according to other pending priorities. All decisions by the Parks and Recreation Commission are appealable to City Council.

To learn more about the tree review process, view the Tree Review Bodies document. 

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021
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