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Open Space Parks In addition to sensitive species and habitats at City beaches, sensitive resources and habitats are associated with open spaces and include the diverse plant communities at Parma Park, the lake at the Andrée Clark Bird Refuge, the riparian corridor along Rattlesnake Canyon Trail, the monarch butterfly roost at the Douglas Family Preserve, and the coast live oak woodlands at Hale and Honda Valley parks, to name a few. The diverse plant and wetland communities in City open space parks provide roosting, nesting, and foraging habitat for sensitive and more common plant and wildlife species. Other sensitive habitats protected by the Parks Division include cultural, archaeological, and geological resources. Examples of Parks Division stewardship of open space parks include:

  • Protection and successful mitigation for the California endemic Santa Barbara honeysuckle at Parma Park
  • Protection of tidewater goby and western pond turtle during vegetation maintenance at the Andrée Clark Bird Refuge
  • Restoration of native plant communities and enhancement of monarch butterfly habitat at the Douglas Family Preserve
  • Preservation and protection of cultural resources through the restoration of the 100-year old olive grove at Parma Park
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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