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Integrated Pest Management

The City of Santa Barbara has adopted a City Wide IPM Strategy

The City developed an IPM Strategy to help reduce pesticide hazards on City property and promote effective pest management. The IPM Strategy required the development of a “Zone System” tied to the IPM Approved Materials List to limit pesticide use based on potential human exposure. The City Council adopted the Pesticide Hazard And Exposure Reduction (PHAER) system to be incorporated into the IPM Strategy.

The PHAER system assigns Green, Yellow, or Red Zone designation to sites, or portions of sites, based upon the potential for exposure by humans and sensitive habitat to hazardous pesticides, and allows use of carefully screened materials by zone designation. For example, Green Zones are areas of high exposure potential, and only pesticides designated as “Green”, which show very limited human and environmental impacts, may be used. Yellow Zones are areas with less potential for harm from exposure, and a broader range of “Yellow” materials are permitted under the PHAER Zone system.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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