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The southern border of the City contains four miles of beaches including East Beach, West Beach, Leadbetter Beach, Shoreline Park, and the beach in the Mesa neighborhood accessed by Mesa Lane and Thousand Steps (end of Santa Cruz Boulevard).

Parks and Recreation staff grooms beach sand on Leadbetter, West, and East Beaches between May and October, and they rake the beach sand between November and April. Beaches are groomed for safety and recreation purposes. Parks staff works closely with biologists for bird monitoring before any grooming and raking takes place.

The Recreation Division provides beach lifeguard services at East, West, and Leadbetter beaches daily during the summer.

The City of Santa Barbara has several parking lots along the City’s Waterfront.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach from the eastern City limits west to Leadbetter. Dogs may be exercised off-leash on the beach from the Shoreline Park Staircase to the eastern edge of the Arroyo Burro Estuary.

Alcohol is prohibited on all beaches. For more information about City policies related to beach use, see the Park etiquette page.

To learn more about beach maintenance and what to expect of Santa Barbara beaches, please visit our Beach FAQ or review our Wrack Card- Enjoying Santa Barbara's Beaches.


Beach Wheelchair

The City of Santa Barbara currently has two beach wheelchairs (one manual and one motorized) available to the public and visitors free of charge seven days a week during regular operational hours; they are located at the Cabrillo Pavilion at East Beach.

Requests for the wheelchair can be made online; for help please call Cabrillo Pavilion staff at (805) 897-2680. Completion of a liability waiver and identification is required for reservations.

The beach wheelchairs were funded by a grant from the California State Coastal Conservancy in 2019.

To reserve a beach wheelchair, please sign up using Sign-up Genius at the link below:

Make a Beach Wheelchair Reservation

Last Updated: Apr 6, 2021
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