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Rattlesnake Connector The Tunnel to Rattlesnake Connector trail is a short (7/10 mile) connector trail between Tunnel trail and Rattlesnake Canyon and is a popular route used to add mileage to the hike.  Access to the Connector is either via Tunnel or Rattlesnake Canyon trail.

Caution. Visitors may encounter: hikers, dogs, horses, bikers, poison oak, snakes, and other wildlife Please see our trail etiquette page for tips on how to be courteous trail users.

All of Santa Barbara’s front country trails are challenging due to their steep incline, rocky terrain, and drop-offs.  Please use caution.

Distance: 7/10 mile from Tunnel trail to Rattlesnake trail

For more information visit this location on the map.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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