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Trail Etiquette Bikers, hikers, dog owners, and horses are found on most of the front country trails, and visitors are likely to encounter each other on any given weekend. It is very important trail etiquette is followed, not only for everyone to have an enjoyable experience, but for the safety of all.

While visiting Santa Barbara’s trails, please remember a few things:

Be safe

  • It gets hot up there! Please be wise in your choice of when to use the trails and stay off of them during high fire warning days.
  • Know where you are going and let others know when you should return.
  • Wear appropriate attire
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Stay on the trail and away from snakes and other wildlife.

Trail etiquette (share the trail!)

  • Pick up after your dog.
  • Be courteous to others and follow trail right-of-way:
    • Bikers yield to hikers and horses
    • Hikers yield to Horses
    • Pass on the left by calling out with a simple “on your left”.
    • Hikers going uphill are working hard and should be given the right-of-way over hikers coming downhill.
  • Stay on the trail. Do not cut switchbacks or take shortcuts.
  • Greet people you meet. This makes sure they know you are there and is polite.
  • When hiking in a group, yield to single or pair hikers. It's harder for a group to get off the trail so often times singles will stop and let you all pass, but its their call.
  • When hiking in a group, hike single file or take no more than half of a wide trail. Make sure everyone in your group understands what actions to take when encountering hikers, bikers, and horses.
  • No bikes are allowed on Rattlesnake Canyon Trail.
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2021
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