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What to Do When You Find BeesParks

If You Find Bees in the Public Right-of-Way...

Bee swarm

If you find a bee hive or swarm in the City of Santa Barbara public right-of-way (ROW), please call Vector Control at (805) 564-5596 to report the location, or send an email to

We will dispatch professional beekeepers to assess the situation, and will safely remove and relocate the bees if they are in a location that is dangerous to the public. It is City of Santa Barbara policy to save bees and not to exterminate them; the use of pesticides in dealing with ROW bee removal is not allowed.

What is the right-of-way?

Examples of the public right-of-way include city streets, sidewalks, median strips, and street trees and bushes.

What about private property?

For bees on private property, we recommend you call the Mosquito and Vector Management District for advice at (805) 969-5050. They will be able to provide you will a current list of beekeepers who can respond.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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