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Santa Barbara's Alameda Park home to a new "champion tree!"

One of the African Fern Pines in Alameda Park is officially the largest known specimen of its species (Afrocarpus falcatus) in California.

Thanks to City Arborist and Urban Forest Superintendent Tim Downey for helping this giant tree get the recognition it deserves. “This tree is of a common variety, so it’s a big deal that we’ve grown the largest specimen of African fern pine known in California,” said Downey. “We’re very proud to have a ‘champion tree’ recognized.”

The tree is 86 feet 10 inches tall, has a trunk circumference of 158 inches, and an average crown spread of 61.5 feet wide.

Fun facts: Our champion tree is taller than Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland, and it was planted by Park Superintendent A. B. Doremus in 1910. For a little historical perspective, William Howard Taft was President of the United States the year this tree was planted; 1910 is also the year Mark Twain died, and there were only 46 states in the Union at the time.

You can see the tree's listing on the Big Tree Registry at, and we're including photos for you here (with Tim Downey next to the tree for scale), as well as a map of the tree's location so you can stop by next time you're in Alameda Park.

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
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