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City to Replace Playground in Westside’s Bohnett Park

Parks and Recreation Department Project Announces Plan for Completion by Early May, Suggests Alternative Playground Options for Children during Project Duration

Beginning on April 12*, the playground at Bohnett Park will be closed for replacement. The playground, which is rated for five- to twelve-year-olds, was last replaced in 2006, and was due for replacement this year according to the City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department’s ten-year replacement schedule for playgrounds.

The playground replacement project will be funded through the U. S. Department of Housing and Development Community Development Block Grant program.

The new playground at Bohnett Park, which will open in early May, will be rated for five- to twelve-year-olds and will provide all the features found in the original playground.

Bohnett Park is located in Santa Barbara’s Westside neighborhood between San Andres and San Pascual Streets; cross streets are West Anapamu and West Sola Streets. The park is next to the Westside Boys and Girls Club.

The Parks and Recreation Department invites families to visit one of the 22 other City playgrounds during the Bohnett Park playground replacement project. The closest playgrounds in the area are as follows:

Parqué de los Niños
520 Wentworth Avenue
Playground rated for children ages 2-5 and 5-12

Westside Neighborhood Center
423 West Victoria Street
Playground rated for children ages 5-12

Bath Street Pocket Park
Corner of Bath and Ortega Streets
Playground rated for children ages 2-5

La Mesa Park
295 Meigs Road
Playground rated for children ages 5-12

For a complete list of City playgrounds, please visit

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The Bohnett Park Annex, which faces San Pascual Street and is directly across Mission Creek from the main area of Bohnett Park, contains many child-friendly sculptures, such as a small treasure chest and a small bronze door set into the side of a boulder. This Annex area may provide a fun, imagination-stimulating alternative to playground play for children.

* Tentative project start date.

About Bohnett Park

Bohnett Park, formerly known as Anapamu Park, was acquired by the City of Santa Barbara in 1936; the park was renamed for former mayor Floyd O. Bohnett in 1976 as part of an improvement project funded by the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara.

This neighborhood park provides large shady trees, a playground rated for five- to twelve-year-olds, picnic areas, a public restroom, and features many native plants. The park is open from sunrise to 10:00pm.

Map of Area

About the Parks and Recreation Department

The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department proudly maintains a wide range of parks, facilities, and programs designed to serve the needs of the community.

The mission of the Department is to provide clean and safe parks, beaches, and recreation facilities; to enhance Santa Barbara’s beauty; to promote stewardship of resources; and to provide quality recreation and cultural experiences and community services to improve the quality of life for Santa Barbara residents.

To find out more about the Department, please follow us on social media, visit our website, or call us at (805) 564-5418.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
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