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Thousand Steps Repair ProjectParks & Recreation

Thousand Steps Repair Project

Important dates

The Thousand Steps will be closed for six to eight weeks starting on March 28, 2022.

About the project

The Thousand Steps, which you'll find at the end of Santa Cruz Boulevard in the West Mesa neighborhood, helps get people from street level down to the beach and ocean.

Not surprisingly, almost a century of use (built in 1925!) has left Thousand Steps in need of repair. The lowest section of steps is battered by waves which has eroded the stairs and made them dangerous to use. The winter waves annually wash away the sand leaving a large drop off to the beach. That's where the Thousand Steps Repair Project comes in!

This project will replace the bottom section of the stairways and add ten new concrete steps. The new steps will extend down below the sand for better access during seasonal changes to the sand level. We'll install new handrails along the stairway and the middle landing will get a sturdy new concrete guard rail. We'll also install better drainage to help get rid of the algae that makes the steps slippery. 

Bonus fact : It may feel like you're walking up a thousand steps to get back up to street level, but The Thousand Steps stairway currently only has around 150 steps.



Justin Van Mullem
Capital Projects Supervisor
(805) 897-1972

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Watch this space for plans, etc.

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Last Updated: Mar 9, 2022
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