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Bohnett Park Project

Welcome Back to Bohnett!

Parts of the Bohnett Park improvement project are delayed, but there is good news: some parts of the project are finished, so we’re reopening those areas of the park on Friday, September 3. 

The driveway and basketball court are closed for now, and the planter beds are temporarily protected with mesh fencing. The new plants need time to take root and grow strong, so please stay out of those newly-landscaped areas, and avoid the driveway and basketball court.

However, the improved picnic area, grass field, and playground are open to the community.

Thank you for your patience and excitement about the new, improved Bohnett Park! 

Project Highlights

New Park Features: The project will include new turf and landscaping; new irrigation;  new picnic tables along the creek, including accessible tables and a reservable picnic site; new accessible park entrance and walkways; a remodeled restroom; and new fencing.

Underground Storm Water Treatment: The project includes an underground storm water treatment facility underneath the grassy area. Storm water and runoff will slowly infiltrate into the ground to help improve water quality in Old Mission Creek.

Sports Field Turf: The grass needs time to grow!The grass, or turf, on the sports field is still off-limits, because new grass needs time to take root and grow strong. Please wait to play! The turf will be ready for sports later this summer.


Summer 2021 Park reopens; sports field stays closed so grass can grow

Late Summer or Early Fall 2021: Sports field reopens


Helpful Documents

PDF Document Bohnett Park Update Flyer

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Project News

Last Updated: Sep 1, 2021
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