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Arroyo Burro Restoration at Hidden Valley ParkCreeks Division

The Creeks Division's Arroyo Burro Restoration Project at Hidden Valley Park was completed in late 2018.

The 2.8 acre project site was previously in a degraded state, with hundreds of feet of pipe and wire revetment in the creek and on the creek banks, and extensive areas of invasive non-native species. 

Key components of the restoration project included:

  • Removal of 450 linear feet of pipe and wire revetment
  • Bio-technical bank stabilization where pipe and wire revetment was removed
  • Removal of non-native vegetation over a 2.8 acre area, including cape ivy, English ivy, periwinkle, ice plant
  • Removal of 18 non-native large trees:  14 shamel ash and 4 blue gum (Eucalyptus)
  • Restoration of a diverse community of native riparian and upland plants
  • Protection and avoidance of existing natural resources
  • Replacement of playground park fence further from creek bank

For more information on this project, please contact Tim Burgess at (805) 897-1912 or

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2019
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