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MacKenzie Park Storm Water Infiltration ProjectCreeks Division

During late summer 2011, permeable pavers were installed in the MacKenzie Park parking lot at State Street and Las Positas Road. The project includes the following design elements:

  • Permeable pavers installed in the area of the parking stalls.
  • Pavers outlined with a six inch wide concrete ribbon border at grade.
  • Pavers were installed to replace a portion of the decomposed granite path from the parking lot leading to the MacKenzie Adult Building.
  • Additional car and motorcycle spaces were added to the northern end of the parking lot.
  • Two low, gently sloping speed bumps were installed in the driving lanes in order to strategically direct storm water to the pavers for maximum treatment benefit.
  • Two planters were constructed in the middle of each of the two main parking rows and two trees were added to these planters.
  • A tree was planted in the existing vacant planter in the northwest corner of the lot.
  • All existing trees in the park remained.
  • The design added six parking spaces to the lower parking lot for a new total of 75 spaces.

    Awards and Recognition

  • On March 30, 2012, the project was awarded the California Park & Recreation Society District 8 Award for Facility Design.
    On April 10, 2012, representatives from the Regional Water Quality Control Board attended City Council to present a resolution commending the City on the project.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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