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Bohnett Park Storm Water Improvement ProjectCreeks Division

Aerial photo showing Bohnett Park with storm water project treatment area highlighted.In October 2020 the Creeks Division began construction on a storm water treatment project at Bohnett Park, as part of a larger park improvement project being constructed by the Parks and Recreation Department.

The storm water improvement project includes the installation of underground gravel filled chambers that will capture, treat, and infiltrate storm water runoff from the neighborhood surrounding Bohnett Park (see treatment area highlighted in green in photo at right).

Retaining this storm water on site and allowing it to slowly infiltrate into the ground will help improve water quality in Old Mission Creek.

For more information on the storm water improvement project, please contact George Johnson at (805) 897-1958 or

For more information on the park improvement project, please contact Keven Strasburg at (805) 897-1906 or

Last Updated: Dec 7, 2020
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