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#PicItUpSBCreeks Division

The Creeks Division is partnering with Youth CineMedia and local teens to produce a new social media based anti-litter campaign, #PicItUpSB!

Litter is unsightly when left on our streets, but it can also quickly blow or wash into storm drains, which flow into our creeks and ocean untreated. Litter can harm local creek and ocean water quality, and can pose a threat to wildlife.

Community members are invited to help keep our streets, creeks and beaches clean by participating in #PicItUpSB!

When you see litter on the street, in the creek, or at the beach:
1. Snap a pic.
2. Pick it up and toss it in the trash!
3. Share your photo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter tagged with #PicItUpSB.
4. Win fun gear!

Each week one participant will be randomly selected to win their choice of a #PicItUpSB t-shirt or hat (while supplies last).

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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