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#MakeSB at the Santa Barbara Public Library Bridges DIY and Tech

As part of the Santa Barbara Public Library’s continued commitment to making in all of its forms, the Central Library is proud to announce the creation of #MakeSB, an ongoing series of programs dedicated to making, creating, and building technical skills utilizing a DIY (do-it-yourself) aesthetic sensibility.

As technology continues to evolve and involve itself more in our daily lives and routine, members of the community grapple with a familiar question: how can we supplement our existing skill-sets to deal with ever-increasing technological complexity without the skills necessary to understand and fully grasp what these new creative tools we have been given are truly doing to our lives?  #MakeSB is an attempt to bridge this divide in content creation. While many of our crafts and activities utilize computers and technology, the majority of the time spent will be hands-on with physical materials and the tools that shape them into true artistic expression.  

The library has purchased a dye-sublimation printer and heat press that allows for printing on shirts, mugs, and other objects.  A paper cutting machine that allows for precision cuts of cardstock, vinyl, and various materials for scrapbooking, stenciling, or making “zines,” small-circulation self-published writing and picture books.  Metal stamping hammers create opportunities to adorn jewelry, ornaments and other trinkets with phrases and designs.  All of these activities involve precise measurements, accurate implementation, and a thorough attention to detail, and reinforce the idea that computer technology is but a means to an end; the cultivation of skills and techniques is what matters, not the medium in which we work.

#MakeSB will be supplementing existing programs already available at the Central Library with craft and writing workshops focused around open, collaborative spaces where participants can interact and share in an attempt to progress and maximize the creative development of each piece.  #MakeSB is also adding to the library’s existing musical programs by transforming the downtown Central Library into a DIY-style performance venue - creating a safe, accessible, inclusive, all-ages space centrally located in the heart of Santa Barbara - providing an outlet for local and touring musicians of all ages to perform, create, collaborate, and hopefully inspire the next generation of musical advancement.

To celebrate the launch of #MakeSB the Central Library invites the community to enjoy performances from three local musicians at the #MakeSB grand-opening kickoff on Friday, June 8th, 2018 from 7 - 9 PM.

This event is a safe, accessible, all-ages, inclusive event designed to allow teens, young adults, and families to utilize technical skills with physical media to make and create original art, and also a chance to see and interact with Santa Barbara’s vibrant community of local performers and artists. Many of the future #MakeSB activities will be available to interact with, from seeing how dye-sublimation printing and heat presses can be used to make t-shirts to using brass hammers to stamp imprints into metal blanks to making mini buttons.  

Musically, the kickoff event features Little B!tch, Divina Luminesse, and Kevin Johnson. These three local artists spotlight the diverse range of musical styles found in the Santa Barbara creative community.  With few venues in the downtown area hosting consistent all-ages performances, this is a great opportunity for families, teens, and young adults under-21 to foster and involve themselves in the Santa Barbara music and art scene.

For volunteer or performance opportunities, or more information on how to get involved, send an email to  A project like this is nothing without community participation, and any additional passion and expertise that volunteers provide will only help our full slate of programs and activities blossom and grow into something truly special.  

What does it really mean to #MakeSB?  The answer is all of ours to decide.

To stay informed, individuals can access the SBPL web calendar with all events, programs, and classes and/or sign-up for the SBPL newsletter.  


Contact: Hong Lieu

Phone: 805-564-5670

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