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SBPL Hosts Teen Parent Workshop on Suicide, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Bullying Prevention

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people 16 to 25.

Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center responds to 700 new cases of rape and sexual assault a year.

One third of students in Santa Barbara County high schools report experiencing dating violence.

One in four students report they have been bullied at school.

The popularity of the Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher’s bestselling young adult novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, can provide a lens through which to view and discuss these pervasive issues within our community. Thirteen Reasons Why candidly discusses teen suicide, dating violence, sexual assault and bullying. It paints an accurate if disturbing picture of some aspects of teenage life.

Workshops for teens and parents to discuss these issues, develop tools for communication, and connect participants to resources will be held at:

Carpinteria Library, 5141 Carpinteria Ave
Wednesday, October 4th 6 pm

The goals of these workshops are to create a safe space to begin these conversations about the concerns the show has uncovered or fears about these difficult issues. They intend to create a space for empathy and community connection, to correct misinformation about these issues through education, practice ways to help someone who is being harmed, and to provide access to school and community resources. Professionals from What is LOVE, Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, High School Wellness Connection Clubs, SBCC Wellness Connection, Casa Pacifica (SAFTY), and Community Counseling and Education Center will be on hand to facilitate discussions on suicide, sexual assault, dating violence, and bullying prevention.

Information about Santa Barbara Public Library System locations, hours, events, and programs is available at All Library programs are free and open to the public. 



Lisa Neubert, Programming Librarian

Phone: (805) 564-5605


Christy Stillwell M.A. Psy., What is LOVE, Executive Director

Phone: (805) 705-0011


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