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ZIP Books

Zip Books

This program is funded by the California State Library and is currently on hiatus pending new funding allocation. 


What is Zip Books?

Zip Books is an innovative alternative to traditional inter-library loan. You may request a book or an audiobook that is not available at any Santa Barbara Public Library location to be delivered to your home, free of charge. 

Which titles are eligible? 

  • The title needs to be in a printed or physical audio CD format.
  • The book must be available through Amazon in "Good" or "Better" condition. 
  • Any book in English must cost no more than $30.00 (pre-tax). 
  • Audiobooks and printed books in languages other than English such as Spanish are eligible, and must cost no more than $75 (pre-tax).
  • The publication date must be at least 6 months old. Items published less than 6 months ago or that are upcoming releases are not eligible.

User Guidelines

  • Must be a SBPL cardholder from any of our locations in good standing -- without fines or fees over $24.99. 
  • Allowed up to 2 items to be requested per fiscal year (July - June) 
  • Cannot have more than five items at home at any given time.
  • When returning - Items must be returned at Central, Eastside, Montecito, or Carpinteria via the book drops. Please identify the item as a Zip Book return by wrapping the item in paper or wrapping paper with "Zip Book" legibly labeled on the wrapping before placing it in the book drop. Return items promptly when finished with them.
  • Zip Books deliveries take an average of 14 days to be delivered. 

Placing a Request?

A request can be made with library staff in-person, on the phone at 805-962-7653, or via email at

What if my requested title does not fit the Zip Books criteria? 

If the item is located within the Black Gold Cooperative, but not any of our library locations, you may want to consider placing a hold on the item and have it sent to your local library location for your convenience.

If the item is not found within the catalog, you might want to consider placing an inter-library (ILL) request. Please note that the inter-library loan fee is $15.00 per requested item, due at the time you receive the ILL request at your local library location. 

If you would like to request a book that is not yet published, please submit your suggestion using our  Purchase Suggestion Form

NorthNet Library SystemCalifornia State Library

Zip Books is a partnership between the California State Library and the NorthNet Library System. The project is supported in part by California Library Services Act funds. 

Last Updated: Jul 1, 2021
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