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Consumer Information

Online Databases

(accessible from home with your library card number) 

Reference USA – A market research tool with consumer directories and demographic information on millions of U.S. businesses and residents.

SizeUp - A business intelligence tool that provides industry competition, potential customer base, and location analytics. 


Reference Book Collection

Consumer Reports – Central Library Reference Collection
Kelley Blue Book - Central Library Reference Collection


Circulating Book Collection

Personal Finance – 332.024
Consumer Information – 381.33
Evaluation & Purchasing Guides – 640.73


Internet Resources

Bankrate - Commercial service listing current rates from many financial institutions for savings, certificates of deposit (CDs), mortgages, credit cards, home equity loans, and personal loans. 

Barchart - Provider of price quotes, charts, and technical analysis for commodities, futures, stocks, options, forex, and ETF markets. Free registration offers access to more information and services.

Better Business Bureau - Information about businesses and charities.

BigCharts - BigCharts, part of the MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, offers free interactive charts, quotes, industry analysis and intraday stock screeners, as well as market news and commentary.

California Department of Insurance - Information about insurance companies offering policies in California.

California Financial Literacy Portal - A statewide public awareness effort and collaborative resources site.  The site is coordinated by the Department of Business Oversight‘s Education and Outreach Program,.partnering with contributors from government agencies, banks and credit unions and community organizations.

Consumer Action - Offers multilingual (Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and others) financial education materials, including brochures, training manuals and PowerPoint presentations.

Consumer Price Index - Measures monthly changes in the prices of goods and services purchased by households across the U.S.

Consumer Safety - Information about recalls and safety-related news about drugs, medical devices, food, and consumer products.

DBO Financial Education Center - Short and interactive learning experiences from the Department of Business Oversight on financial planning.

EconEdLink - Free internet-based economic and personal finance lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students. Offers over 700 lessons, each with a teacher's version as well as a student's version. From the Council for Economic Education.

FDIC Money Smart - For both individual use and as a supplement to classroom teaching. From the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Market Data Center - Site is designed to assist investors with market and investment research through the market data information.

FTSE Russell Investments: Indexes - FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) and Russell Investments now combined.  Provide a selection of indexes used to measure market performance: best known ones include the FTSE 100 for large cap stocks on the London Stock Exchange and the Russell 2000 for small cap stocks. Selection of data provided free on this site; with more available by subscription.

Investor's Business Daily - For the serious investor, a Los Angeles-based business newspaper with national coverage of news, business articles, investment data, and financial educational information.  Newspaper published weekly with daily content updated online only. Access to in-depth content requires a subscription. Oriented to promoting the publisher's, William J. O'Neil's system of technical investing.

Kelley Blue Book - Offers pricing, reviews, and ratings for new and used automobiles, watercraft, snowmobiles, and motorcycles.

Kiplinger - A media resource for  current news, along with advice and tools for personal finance, business, investing, retirement.

Market Watch - A part of the Wall Street Journal digital network with financial news and investing information.

Moody's - Moody's ratings of creditworthiness for corporate, government and structured finance securities. Available free with registration.

Moody's Analytics: Economic Indicators - Formerly know as FreeLunch from Moody's, a leading independent provider of economic, financial, country, and industry research.  Provides data and reports on economic and financial market indicators: part of the content is available free, part is only for subscribers or individual purchase.

MSCI - MSCI (formerly known as Morgan Stanley Capital International) is a leading provider of indices, portfolio risk and performance analytics, and governance tools for investors and asset managers. Best known index is the EAFE for international stocks. Site includes free data on their indices and offers access to selected research reports.

My - From the U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission , this is a portal for all U.S. government personal finance information.

NADA Appraisal Guides - Pricing for cars, boats, and recreational vehicles.

NASDAQ - Site offers stock market quotes, charts, market activity, indices, news. Also has sections with how-to information on investing and personal finance.

NYSE Euronext - NYSE Euronext is a holding company combining ownership of the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, Euronext, and other exchanges and trading platforms. Site offers extensive listings, news, charts, and data for stocks, bonds, options, futures, closed end funds, etc. that trade on their exchanges. Also searchable by industry. In addition, provides information on regulations and practices of the exchanges. 

S&P Dow Jones Indices - Basic data available for free--with some requiring registration. More extensive information requires subscription. The McGraw-Hill Companies and CME Group combined their services in July 2012 to launch S&P Dow Jones Indices to host a variety of indexes including the Standard & Poor's 500 of large U.S. stocks and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

S&P Dow Jones Global - Standard & Poor's ratings of creditworthiness of companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, government, and utilities. Free ratings and reports with registration.

Smart About Money - Site from nonprofit National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) offers courses, tools, guidance and education for financial decisions in all stages of life. - Includes free access to stock charts and instruction about using stock charts in technical analysis of stocks. Paid subscriptions provide access to more information. | Money and Taxes - Refers to federal websites providing information and resources on a wide range of topics including benefits, grants, loans, consumer issues, retirement, spending, saving, investing, taxes, credit, debt, housing, and unclaimed money from the government.

U.S. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System: Economic Research & Data - Compilation of current and past research, surveys, data, reports from the Federal Reserve.

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis - Compiles and produces data such as the Gross Domestic Product, personal income and spending, foreign trade in goods and services, etc.

U.S. Census Bureau: Economic Indicators - Census Bureau conducts more than 100 surveys of households and business across the nation each year, covering many topics including construction, retail & wholesale trade, home ownership, manufacturing and service industries, etc

U.S. Department of the Treasury - Website includes data and charts covering interest rates, national debt, economic data tables.  The TreasuryDirect site offers information on interest rates, auctions, and purchasing savings bonds, bonds, bills, and notes from the U.S. Treasury.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: EDGAR - EDGAR is the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system used at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). EDGAR is the primary system for submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file information with the SEC and is free for all to search.

Wilshire Indexes - Best known for Wilshire 5000 representing the total U.S. stock market. Offers data on variety of their indexes plus interesting index return calculator.

Yahoo FinanceA large portal with company and stock information, current financial news and financial literacy resources.


Telephone Directories

Go Toll Free: The Internet 800 Directory: Toll free telephone numbers for businesses nationwide.

International Dialing Codes: How to dial international phone numbers.

White Pages: Find people, businesses, and more.

ZabaSearch: Free search engine for locating phone numbers and addresses.

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2020
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