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Youth Outreach Programs

The following services are available to teachers and after-school providers within our service area.  


Library Tours - all ages 

Classes can visit the library to tour Central Library and participate in a storytime or another activity for older students.

Research Sessions - 2nd grade and up

Classes can visit the library for an instructional session on using library resources including the card catalog, databases, and more. Librarians can also help curate resources on a particular subject or for a specific project. 

Library Card Signups - all ages

SBPL staff can assist you with getting your students library cards. For students 12 and under, a parent/guardian signature and ID (just a written DL or passport number on the application). For teens ages 13 and up, no parent/guardian signature is required. 

Introduction to Digital Resources - 4th grade and up 

Library staff can give students an overview of digital resources to supplement school library resources, both to support curriculum and school work and for recreational reading.



Maker and STEAM programs - pre-K and up 

SBPL offers a wide array of maker and STEAM programs, including: 3D design and printing, coding with Ozobots, Wonderbots, LittleBits, Snap Circuits for older students, and manipulatives, games, and open-ended play that introduce STEAM concepts to children as young as three in developmentally appropriate ways. SBPL can tailor this program to meet your needs, and it can be offered both as part of a field trip to the library or as a classroom visit by SBPL staff. 

Virtual Reality Demonstrations - 2nd grade and up

SBPL received an Occulus Rift Virtual Reality set and PC through a grant program to enable library communities to experience this new technology, with the goal of sparking interest in exploring applications and future uses. Library staff can run run a demonstration and talk about the various ways that VR technology is changing education and research. This program requires a parent/guardian permission form. 



Storytimes - pre-K through 2nd grade

SBPL staff can visit your classroom or school library for storytelling and literacy workshops. Staff are happy to prepare a storytime that will complement your curriculum. 

Book Talks - pre-K and up

SBPL staff can visit your classroom or school library to do book talks - engaging introductions to high-interest books on a variety of topics. 

Reading Ambassadors - 2nd - 6th grades

Library staff will provide 3 “coaching sessions” to introduce and model storytelling skills, such as reading with expression, asking questions, and using illustrations to draw conclusions. After training, they participate in a graduation ceremony and take a pledge to read with family and other young readers. This program is great for emerging readers in 2-3rd grade who may be struggling, or is a good fit for 4-6th graders who can be storytellers for younger grades or at home. This is a unique program developed by SBPL staff as part of a grant, and research shows it is very effective at increasing reading motivation as well as improving  basic reading skills, such as alphabetic, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. SBPL can tailor this program to meet your needs. 

Readers’ Advisory 101 - for teachers and staff

SBPL librarians can provide a teacher or staff inservice or training in readers’ advisory - the art of matching books to readers based on interest, appeal, and reading level. Do you struggle to keep up with trends in children’s books? Do you need tips on helping reluctant readers find books that will keep them turning pages? This introduction can help you brush up on your book-recommending skills. 

Have other ideas or needs? Let's talk! We are open to collaborations or any other idea, no matter how outside the box, to help support youth education. Contact or (805) 564-5642. 

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2018
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