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Computers are available for free public use at the Central Library and at all branch locations except Los Olivos and Santa Ynez.

There is a daily time limit of 120 minutes with a maximum session limit of 60 minutes.

Users may purchase blank USB drives for $8.00. Printing is available at a cost of $.15 per page for black & white or $.25 per page for color.

Library computers offer a wide range of software programs, including Microsoft Word and educational programs. The Black Gold Cooperative Library System Online Catalog can be accessed from Library computers, and Internet access is available at designated terminals.

Library staff is on hand to assist in using computers for information searches, for very basic instructions on computer use, and to look for materials in the online catalogs. For more assistance, free Computer Coaching appointments are available.

Users may not load personal software onto Library computers, save personal data to a Library computer hard drive, or alter the programs installed by Library staff. Although Library computers are checked for viruses, no guarantees are made that anti-virus programs will completely protect user data. 

The Library uses WebBalanced Office, a filtering software program, on computers in the children’s areas. Parents, guardians and caregivers are urged to provide guidance to children using the Library’s resources and to encourage their children to use computer terminals that have filtering software installed. Please ask staff to identify the terminals with filter software.

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
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