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Media Guide - Continued


It is the policy of SBA to cooperate with the news media to the greatest extent possible. Media covering emergencies will be directed to specific meeting areas, as determined by the nature of the event. An Airport representative will be on-site to meet with the media and to provide information.

During an emergency situation, only the following information will be disseminated by Airport staff:

  • Date and time of incident or accident
  • Name of airline or aircraft owner
  • Type of aircraft and flight number
  • Number of persons on board (if confirmed)
  • General description of the incident/accident
  • Conditions at the scene of the incident/accident
  • Impact on Airport operations
  • Special instructions for media access or escort.

The media must not restrict the public’s access to gates, ticket counters, baggage areas or other areas in the Terminal at any time. The ticket counters and gate hold areas are leased by the individual airlines, and access to these areas is at the discretion of the tenant/airline. In the event of an airside emergency, only media with appropriate media credentials will be permitted on the Air Operations Areas (AOA) or transported to the scene of the emergency.

In Case of an Aircraft Emergency

Access to passengers subject to approval by:

  • The involved Airline
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • National Transportation Safety Board
  • In Case of a Non-Aircraft Emergency

Information will be disseminated through the Airport Public Information staff and coordinated by:

  • Airport Operations Division in conjuction with Airport Patrol
  • City of Santa Barbara Police
  • Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department
  • City of Santa Barbara Fire Department

Parking of Media Vehicles During an Emergency

 Media personnel must park all vehicles in the public parking lots with the exception of “live” television broadcast trucks providing a live shot or satellite feed.

Due to heightened security measures, only one media vehicle per media organization is permitted curbside at any one time. The vehicle must be accompanied by a station employee at all times. Otherwise, it is subject to citation and/or towing (at the owner’s expense).

If a media organization requires a second vehicle, that vehicle must be parked in the public lot.Permission for parking live trucks must be given in advance through the Airport Patrol Division, or the 24-hour Security Operations Center 805.681.4803. All other media support vehicles must park in the Airport parking lots.

The Airport reserves the right to restrict media activity at any location on Airport premises if public security, safety or operational concerns so warrant.

“Live” broadcast vehicle parking locations

Airline Terminal
500 Fowler Road
(Yellow curb at South End)

SBA Administration Building
601 Firestone Road
Northside (off Hollister) by the flagpole

Last Updated: Jun 4, 2014
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