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Santa Barbara Airport Partners with Thanks Again

Santa Barbara Airport launching Thanks Again Loyalty and Engagement Solution so travelers can earn incremental rewards with qualifying airport purchases.

Santa Barbara, CA (May 4, 2015) The Santa Barbara l Airport (SBA) has joined Thanks Again®, the world’s only airport loyalty coalition, to offer travelers valuable rewards when they park, shop or dine at the airport. Via Thanks Again, SBA is now afforded the opportunity to better engage its passengers and positively impact their day of travel experience.

Thanks Again member passengers automatically earn more frequent flyer miles, hotel points or cash back when they park, shop, dine or utilize services at Santa Barbara Airport. Once enrolled, travelers can also earn the same cherished benefit at 150 other airports and thousands of neighborhood businesses across North America.

Enrollment in the Thanks Again program is free, convenient and secure. Passengers simply register any American Express®, MasterCard® or Visa® credit/debit cards at and then use those cards for purchases at participating locations to automatically earn 1 mile or 2 points per $1 spent. New members will also receive 100 bonus miles or 200 bonus points when they enroll with a mobile device over the Web or by texting FLYSBA to 82257.

“In addition to offering a superior day of travel experience, we are excited to recognize and reward our passengers for choosing our airport and utilizing our parking, shopping and dining options,” said Santa Barbara Airport Director Hazel Johns. “It is important that we recognize our passengers and properly engage them with relevant offers and push notifications while they travel through Santa Barbara Airport.”

In addition to the airport, Santa Barbara area merchants can also participate in Thanks Again to enable member passengers to earn their favorite rewards in the local community.  “Frequent travelers tend to be the best customers of both airports and off-airport businesses. We see an opportunity for the airport to further extend its reach into the community by encouraging local merchants to participate in the Thanks Again program. This Santa Barbara coalition loyalty opportunity is seamless, easy to implement and beneficial to everyone,” said Johns.

“We are excited to partner with Santa Barbara and provide SBA with a turnkey, airport-wide loyalty and engagement solution,” said Jay Ellis, Thanks Again SVP Global Network Development.  “Thanks Again’s partnership with Santa Barbara Airport delivers additional value to SBA, SBA passengers and other airports that participate in our unprecedented Airport Loyalty Coalition.”                                                                                                    

About Santa Barbara Airport

Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) is the gateway to the American Riviera. It supports 3 major airlines that offer non-stop flights to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix and Los Angeles and one-stops to everywhere in the world. Santa Barbara Airport is a self-supporting enterprise owned and operated by the City Santa Barbara and serves over 700,000 passengers annually.

About Thanks Again

Thanks Again®, headquartered in Atlanta, is the world’s first and only airport loyalty coalition enabling member passengers to securely enroll credit and debit cards they already possess and seamlessly earn highly sought-after rewards when purchasing goods/services while traveling or in their local communities. The Thanks Again Rewarding Merchant NetworkSM now spans 150 North American Airports and includes thousands of Neighborhood Businesses. One third of these airports are Thanks Again turnkey loyalty and engagement clients. Thanks Again membership and merchant presence are rapidly growing and will encompass at least two dozen countries across five continents. This significant global expansion is fueled by card linked services partnerships with the three leading international payment card networks. Thanks Again is well positioned to deliver enhanced value to other Travel & Transportation sectors and fragmented verticals.



Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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