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Santa Barbara Airport Full Scale Emergency Exercise

The mock scenario for the full-scale exercise will involve a certain amount of smoke, thus vehicle drivers traveling on Hollister Avenue between Aero Camino and Los Carneros may see smoke coming from the airfield area northwest of the main runway.

The live exercise will be conducted in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration requirements. The Santa Barbara Airport maintains an emergency plan outlining response procedures and agencies that must effectively respond to and manage emergency situations that occur on Airport property. Federal law requires that this plan be tested via a simulated incident every three years.

Media vehicles can be parked on Cook Place adjacent to USFS ramp. A representative from the City of Santa Barbara Fire Department will provide background information, briefings as the scenario unfolds, and answer questions. Members of the media will be escorted to the simulated crash scene to cover the disaster exercise. This is an opportunity for the media to learn first hand how local emergency organizations would respond to an aircraft disaster on the Airport.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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