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Travel Tips for Labor Day Weekend

Passenger Drop-off/Pickup - Since September 11, 2011 TSA Security Regulations prohibit vehicles from waiting or parking at the Airline Terminal front curb.  Only vehicles whose driver is actively loading or unloading passengers and baggage may be stopped at the front curb. Drivers must remain with their vehicle at all times.  Any vehicle left unattended may be ticketed and towed

If you wish to see your party off or greet your party inside the terminal, drivers must park their vehicles in Lot 1 adjacent to the Airline Terminal.  Due to construction both Short Term Parking and Long Term Parking are co-mingled in this lot.  The parking rate is $2 for the first hour and $1 every hour thereafter.  The new Short Term Parking Lot is scheduled to open in early October.

Drivers who prefer to wait in their vehicle for arriving passengers may park in Lot 1 or use one of the Airport’s cell phone waiting areas.

Park in one the Airport’s Cell Phone Waiting Areas:

  •  The World War II Memorial parking lot near the east end of the Long Term Parking Lot off of James Fowler Road
  •  The Goleta Slough Overlook parking lot south of the Airline Terminal located directly across from the Hwy 217 Sandspit Exit on William Moffett Place

Waiting in your vehicle at the bus stop across the street from the terminal is prohibited.  Vehicles create a safety hazard for bicyclists riding in the bike lane.

We appreciate your business and look forward to the completion of the Airline Terminal Project by October 2012.   Santa Barbara Airport – Easy Come. Easy Go!

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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