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RFQ - Runway Pavement Rehabilition & Addendum #1

Updated Addendum

The runways have not had any major maintenance in 10-15 years and are in need of
rehabilitation. It is expected that the rehabilitation will include a variable depth grind and
overlay. As part of the runway work. SBA also wishes to address a problem incursion area
at the intersection of RW 15L-15R, Taxiway C and Taxiway B. This area needs to be
studied and options need to be developed that would make the intersection look more like
a conventional runway taxiway intersection. SBA expects that this would be accomplished
by removing pavement that is not really necessary.

A major creek runs through the Air Operations Area (AOA), and maintenance of this creeks causing security issues for SBA. The creek is dredged annually by the County of Santa Barbara, and maintaining security during the dredging process is a burden to Airport Patrol stall. SBA wishes to relocate existing AOA fencing, such that the creek dredging operation would be outside of the AOA and lesser security requirements would apply.

The estimated construction cost of all proposed improvements is in the range of $2.5 million. The project locations are shown on the attached Exhibits A and B.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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