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Youth Art Mural Unveiling At Santa Barbara Airport

Youth participants volunteered over a three-month period to work on the project under the direction of Carlos Cuellar, a local artist and muralist.  Mr. Cuellar provided the youth, who had no previous art training, with two initial weeks of art instruction, including an overview of the importance of having art in public places.  In addition to the hands-on art instruction, many of the student artists decided to join the Parks and Recreation Department Job Apprenticeship Program which provides paid on-the-job training in the summer months.

The Santa Barbara Arts Alliance creates a positive social, and economic impact in our communities by providing at-risk youth with art related programming that is fun and relevant to their social network. Overall, the Arts Alliance reduces and/or minimizes all forms of vandalism, violence and youth delinquency, and thus less public maintenance expenditures. It successfully helps our youth to re-integrate into the community by providing one-on-one guidance and education to help them make better decisions. 

Mayor Schneider will speak to the importance of the Santa Barbara Arts Alliance at the Unveiling Ceremony on Monday, as will Airport Director Karen Ramsdell, Carlos Cuellar, as well as a few of the 26 student artists that contributed to the creation of the Airport mural.                          

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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