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Building Massing

SBA's new Airline Terminal Courtyard Maintaining the right level of "building massing" is one of seven key policies/goals set for the Airline Terminal Project by the Santa Barbara City Council on May 15, 2005. These goals guided our planning and implementation process.

How We Are Meeting This Goal

The building massing for the new SBA Terminal, by and large, is dictated by the site. The building must meet FAA and Federal regulations. These include distance requirements from runways and taxiways, airplane parking positions and by landside TSA security guidelines for safety and blast separation from public right of ways.

In actual execution, including the repositioning of the building on the site to meet the project's available budget, only a two-story structure will accommodate the practical operational plan of the terminal. The general massing of the two story element will be diminished in scale to allow the building to be "discovered" in increments from the main entry drive to the airport through the introduction of exterior stair cases, deep seat entry portals, arcades, second floor set backs, and screen elements on the landside. Massing has been broken up by emphasizing a vertical "grand hall" element and a landside icon entry portal with the asymmetrical balance of the "bell" tower.

The historic 1942 Edwards and Plunkett terminal is to the north and off symmetry with the main entry of the New Terminal juxtaposing the residential scale of the Historic Terminal and the much larger building mass of the New Terminal. The New Terminal building design will be compatible with the historic structure. For comparison purposes the New Terminal will be larger than the historic Santa Barbara Junior High School, but in most cases smaller in scale and mass.

The new Airline Terminal area will be designed to meet the needs of the present, with the capacity for further attractive, appropriately scaled expansion in the future.

Last Updated: Jun 5, 2014
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