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Wildland Fire Plan IntroductionFire Department

The City of Santa Barbara, Fire Department a comprehensive and coordinated City Wildland Fire Plan (referred to as the “Plan”) approved and implemented in 2004 to protect lives, property, and natural resources threatened by wildland fire.

The objective of the Plan is to establish and implement coordinated management actions on both City-owned and private lands to reduce wildland fire hazards and the effects of wildland fires. The Plan delineates the City's high fire hazard areas, presents policies and management actions to reduce wildland fire hazards and impacts, provides a framework for seeking funds and coordinating efforts with agencies and landowners, and prioritizes work efforts.

A wildland fire hazard and risk assessment within the City of Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas was completed by the Fire Department and was used to develop appropriate policies and actions.  The policies and actions developed for this Plan cover a wide range of areas. They include designation of the City’s high fire hazard area, public education programs, evacuation preplanning, fire protection services, biomass utilization, and vegetation management programs on both private and public lands. These policies and actions are implemented by the City as opportunity and funding allow. 

Based on CEQA Guidelines, Section 15168, a Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was completed for implementation of the Plan. The EIR evaluated the general or programmatic potential for significant impacts or impact types, broad alternatives, and developed programmatic mitigation measures that are applied to a wide range of situations. The EIR identifies the different types of environmental impacts that are likely to occur due to the implementation of the Plan in the various treatment areas. In some instances, the environmental impacts of the Plan can be described in detail, particularly for environmental resources that occur at specific geographic locations. However, in most instances, a generic impact is identified in the EIR, and then its magnitude and significance is evaluated over the range of geographic settings in the City’s High Fire Hazard Area.

A primary focus of the EIR is the development or programmatic mitigation measures that are applied to future site-specific work under the Plan. These measures have been designed to provide a range of actions or procedures that the Department can draw upon when needed to reduce environmental impacts due to the presence of a sensitive environmental resource or due to the nature of the vegetation management action.

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015
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