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RFP for Community Wildfire Protection Plan and accompanying Programmatic EIR Update Due Aug 22, 2019


The City of Santa Barbara Fire and Planning Departments seek proposals from qualified consultants to update an existing Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) and corresponding California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR). This update will be based on the current 2004 CWPP, adopted by City Council and known as the City of Santa Barbara Fire Department Wildland Fire Plan. The existing CWPP and PIER can be located on this page under "Wildland Fire Plan".

The updated CWPP and PIER will serve as a framework for a comprehensive long-term resiliency plan used to prioritize future wildfire hazard protection projects for the City of Santa Barbara and foster a collaborative approach with adjacent neighborhoods and jurisdictions. This update will enhance the current plan to identify and prioritize fuel reduction treatment and other wildfire hazard mitigation activities and provide a methodology for monitoring progress and accomplishments.

Both the CWPP and the PEIR will incorporate information and participation from City Staff as well as the consultant’s analysis of ideas generated by statistical and data research, knowledge of existing conditions through site visits, and public outreach.


The RFP can be found in the documents listed further on this page and may also be found at the Planet Bids portal.

All questions must be submitted in writing to:
    Amber Anderson, Wildland Fire Specialist

There will be a follow-up Question & Answer conference call on August 13, 2019 at 10:00 am PST.
For participation contact Amber Anderson at (805) 564-5720 or email


It is not a matter of “if” another wildfire will occur in our area, but “when.”  If your
property is located within the City of Santa Barbara high fire hazard area you are
at risk of damage from a wildland fire (See enclosed map).

Preparation for the next wildfire requires you and your family to take personal responsibility. Personal responsibility means taking steps to ensure you have a Disaster Plan in place and practice it regularly, your home and property comply with Defensible Space Requirements, and you are educated about wildfire in your community.

The  information under the Wildland Fire section can help you to prepare for the next wildfire and minimize the impact of wildfire to you, your family, and our community.

City of Santa Barbara High Fire Hazard Area

Defensible Space and Landscaping Requirements

Ready, Set, Go

Ready, Set, Go(1.54 MB)


Wildland Fire Plan Documents

Wildland Fire Suppression Assessment District

FY2018 VMU Map(231.1 KB)
Last Updated: Aug 7, 2019
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