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OES HistoryOffice of Emergency Services

2007 The Riviera Evacuation Drill, a half-day event, is held on Saturday, April 28. The exercise was sponsored by the City of Santa Barbara Fire Department and the Office of Emergency Services. The drill was co-sponsored by the Riviera Association and Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council. The exercise was the first full-scale drill the City has conducted with a full-time Emergency Manager. The drill simulated an urban interface wild fire in a highly populated area of Santa Barbara City.
2006 The Office of Emergency Services moves from the Police Department to the Santa Barbara Fire Department Headquarters.
2006 The first full-time Emergency Services manager is hired for the newly formed division within the Fire Department.
1991 The Emergency Services Coordinator position becomes a sergeant’s position within the Police Department with part-time clerical staff.
1979 The Protection Factor set by the State Office of Emergency Services (OES) and the fact that the personnel in City Hall needed more space leads the Santa Barbara City Emergency Council to move from the basement at City Hall to the Police Department’s old archive area. A part-time position is established.
1975 City of Santa Barbara passes Resolution 75-575 to assist with County Fire calls during County Fire Department Strike.
1974 NAWAS (National Warning System) negotiates an agreement to include Flash Floods, Heavy Snow, Heavy Surf, Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, and Severe Winter Storms as part of weather information dissemination.
1974 All-Risk Shelter Survey Data obtained when 80 buildings  are evaluated for Protection Factor against several types of incidents.
1973 Sheffield Dam Evacuation Plan completed per City Ordinance 3593.
1973 Name is changed from the City of Santa Barbara Civil Defense Office to the Office of Emergency Services per Resolution Number 7749. Additioonally, Civil Defense Operations Officer is renamed Coordinator of Emergency Services.
1970 Due to the changes to Assembly Bill 560, the City changes the Office of Civil Defense Council to Santa Barbara City Emergency Council.
1970 California Disaster Act is amended to California Emergency Services Act and approved by Governor Jerry Brown effective November 23, 1970. The Act designates each County as an Operational Area. This concept of the Operational Area had been in effect since 1963 as a result of its inclusion in the State Civil Defense and Disaster Plan.
1969 Three Fallout Shelters stocked by the Federal government are designated by the Department of Defense Armed Forces, which conducted inspections on fallout shelters. There were inspections of the other 70 Santa Barbara shelters, but they were minimally staffed.
  • 5/19: Lobero Hotel
  • 5/19: Art Museum – 810 citizen shelter
  • 5/26: Security First National Bank
1967 Disagreement regarding the use of retired military personnel running the Office of Civil Defense leads to numerous editorials in the Gazette Citizen. Questions arise as to the validity and necessity of the Office of Civil Defense (OCD). City Council cuts the OCD budget and personnel.
1963 City of Santa Barbara Organizational Chart for Civil Defense and definition of functions is created.
1961-1963 Office of Civil Defense staff consists of one part-time Assistant Civil Defense Officer and one full-time Administrative Staff.
1960 Fallout Shelters gain popularity in Santa Barbara, per the Gazette Citizen (now the Santa Barbara News Press).
1959 Mayor is appointed as Director of Civil Defense. Position of Assistant Director of Civil Defense is created. The Assistant Director of Civil Defense is to be appointed by the Mayor.
1956 President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaims September 9-16, 1956 to be National Defense Week.
1955 Colonel Bell reports to the State on City’s capacity to care for refugees from the City of Los Angeles.
1954 Letter from Colonel Louis H. Bell, Assistant Civil Defense Director, to City Administrator regarding background and current status of Civil Defense in Santa Barbara.
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