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Fiscal Year 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The Fiscal Year 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report was received by the Mayor, City Council and Citizens of the City of Santa Barbara at the December 11, 2018 meeting. The electronic versions of the PDF documents on this page are available for viewing and printing. You must have Adobe Reader to view these PDF files.

Current City CAFR Document

Archived City CAFR Documents

2017 City CAFR(4.44 MB)
2016 City CAFR(11.71 MB)
2015 City CAFR(12.05 MB)
2014 City CAFR(3.45 MB)
2013 City CAFR(3.62 MB)
2012 City CAFR(3.56 MB)
2011 City CAFR(3.12 MB)
2011 RDA CAFR(1.78 MB)
2010 City CAFR(3.79 MB)
2010 RDA CAFR(1.92 MB)
2009 City CAFR(3.64 MB)
2009 RDA CAFR(2.18 MB)
2008 City CAFR(3.89 MB)
2008 RDA CAFR(3.08 MB)
2007 RDA CAFR(2.73 MB)
2006 RDA CAFR(3.09 MB)
2005 City CAFR(1.36 MB)
2005 RDA CAFR(526.2 KB)
2004 City CAFR(1.64 MB)
2004 RDA CAFR(685.7 KB)
2003 City CAFR(3.76 MB)
2003 RDA CAFR(1.93 MB)
2002 RDA CAFR(1.91 MB)
2001 RDA CAFR(1.93 MB)
Last Updated: Dec 6, 2018
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