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Fiscal Year 2003 Adopted BudgetBudget Archives

On November 27, 1984, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 84-182, approving the concept of a two-year budget cycle for the City of Santa Barbara. Pursuant to this resolution, the City Council approves a two-year financial plan at the beginning of each two-year cycle; and consistent with City Charter requirements, the City Council adopts an operating and capital budget each year.

As such, the adopted two-year financial plan includes the operating and capital budget for the first year of the two-year plan. The adopted operating and capital budget for the second year of the plan is adopted separately the following year and is referred to as the mid-cycle budget.

Fiscal Year 2003 Adopted Operating & Capital Budget

The City Council adopted the Fiscal Year 2003 Mid-Cycle Operating and Capital Budget on June 25, 2002. The adopted budget document is available for viewing and printing from the link below.

You must have Adobe Reader to view and print the PDF files.

Adopted Budget Document (Single PDF file)

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Fiscal Year 2003 Adopted Operating and Capital Budget.pdf
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