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On November 27, 1984, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 84-182, approving the concept of a two-year budget cycle for the City of Santa Barbara. Pursuant to this resolution, the City Council approves a two-year financial plan at the beginning of each two-year cycle; and consistent with City Charter requirements, the City Council adopts an operating and capital budget each year.

As such, the adopted two-year financial plan includes the operating and capital budget for the first year of the two-year plan. The adopted operating and capital budget for the second year of the plan is adopted separately the following year and is referred to as the mid-cycle budget in the budget archives below.

*Note that due to rising costs and the unknown impact of state budget reductions to the city in fiscal years 2004 and 2005, the City Council adopted one-year operating and capital budgets for each year and did not adopt a two-year financial plan for the period.

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2014
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