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The Planning Division is responsible for four programs:

Long Range Planning & Special Studies

  • Develops and implements goals, policies, and action plans related to community issues such as housing, land use, growth management, resource conservation, open space, transportation, and circulation
  • Prepares studies to update City policies in response to changes in State law, resource availability, and community goals
  • Responsible for preparing and updating the state mandated General Plan
  • Monitors the amount and type of development to ensure compliance with City Charter goals and growth restrictions
  • Facilitates public participation and community involvement in planning issues
  • Participates in the development and review of regional studies prepared by the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments
  • Supports City Council and City Administration in addressing regional governance and planning issues

Development / Environmental Review

  • Reviews, analyzes, and makes recommendations on development and design proposals by private property owners and government agencies
  • Provides support to the City Council, Planning Commission, Staff Hearing Officer, Architectural Board of Review, Historic Landmarks Commission and Single Family Design Board
  • Administers environmental review process in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • Provides public information and permit services at the public counter

Design Review & Historic Preservation

  • Provides staffing support to City Council, Planning Commission, Architectural Board of Review, Historic Landmarks Commission, Single Family Design Board and Sign Committee
  • Reviews, analyzes, and makes design review recommendations on development proposals by private and public property owners
  • Prepares public notices, agendas, minutes and performs cursory plan review and environmental assessments for projects subject to Architectural Board of Review, Historic Landmarks Commission and Single Family Design Board review
  • Prepares guidelines, ordinance amendments, and other studies for quality design standard
  • Administers the City's Historic Preservation Work Program involving review, analysis, completion of surveys and designation of historic resources

Zoning Ordinance Information & Enforcement

  • Answers questions from property owners, applicants, and other members of the community about land use and zoning requirements
  • Reviews plans for proposed development for compliance with City zoning requirements
  • Prepares Property Profiles for non-residential parcels
  • Investigates zoning complaints and enforces the codes for all land use and sign violations
  • Prepares amendments to the Zoning Ordinance (Title 28 Coastal and Title 30 Inland) and Zoning Map
  • Provides staffing support to the Staff Hearing Officer
Last Updated: Jan 3, 2022
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