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COVID-19 Remote Video InspectionCommunity Development

Inspection services do not occur every other Friday or Holidays. Please see City Calendar details below.

Remote Video Inspection is an alternative to an on-site inspection that is currently required due to COVID-19 transmission concerns. The process for scheduling a Remote Video Inspection is as follows:

  1. Schedule your Building and Safety Inspection per normal procedures via email or (805) 564-5492
  2. Between 7:30 am and 8:30 am on the morning of your scheduled Inspection, a City Building Inspector will call you at the phone number you have provided.
    • The Inspector will coordinate with you a specific time that day to call you and conduct a GOOGLE DUO or FACE TIME inspection.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Permittee (Contractor, Architect, or Owner) to have access to GOOGLE DUO or FACE TIME on their smart phone.

Remote Video is Inspection is Available for:

All Residential and Commercial inspections unless the City Building Inspector determines the inspection is to complex.

Note: Based on the size and/or complexity of the project it may not be possible to complete the inspection via Remote Video Inspection. In that case, the City Building Inspector working remotely will partially approve the inspection and make every effort to route a field City inspector to complete the inspection the same day. If this is not possible, the City inspector will schedule a field inspection for the next business day.

Customer’s Responsibilities:

4G Wireless Service is Required.

  • Ensure your inspection location has 4G connectivity and your smart phone or tablet has 4G connectivity.

Install FaceTime or Google Duo on your Device

Remote Video Inspection Steps:

Once you have scheduled your remote video inspection:

  1. Prepare for Remote Video Inspection
    • Prior to the inspection, ensure that the necessary tools based on type of inspection are readily available. For example, carry a tape measure, level, GFCI tester, step ladder (for close ups of ceiling), etc.
  2. Prepare to Receive Remote Video Inspection Call
    • Make sure the device being used during the inspection is fully charged.
    • Be ready to accept a video call at the scheduled time and respond to requests from the City Building Inspector.
    • Have the required tools (tape measure, level, GFCI tester, step ladder, etc.)
    • Turn off the devices notifications during the video call. Notifications freeze the video call and will cause delays to the inspection or could require the inspection to be rescheduled.
  3. The Inspection
    • Begin the inspection at street view looking at structure with the address showing
    • Follow the directions of the City Building Inspector
    • Walk inspection in clockwise direction
    • Walk inspection from the 1st floor to top floor (if multiple floors)
    • Make note of any items that the City Building Inspector states needs correcting
  4. Inspection Results
    • The inspector will inform you at the end of the video call if the inspection has passed or failed.
    • The inspector will update the permitting status after the video call is completed.
    • The day following the inspection, comments will be available for you to view in Accela.
    • In the event an inspection is not successful and corrections are given, it is the responsibility of the Permittee (Contractor, Architect, or Owner) to write down the corrections, and call for a re-inspection.
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021
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