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Memorandums of Understanding

Labor Agreements (MOUs)

Many City of Santa Barbara employees are represented by labor unions. The links below take you to the MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding) which are the labor agreements with these unions. Click on the union to see the MOU covering employees represented by that union.  The Management Performance and Compensation Plan for unrepresented managers is also included.  Unit 16 and Unit 5 are confidential units which are not represented by the union, but which receive many of the same salaries and benefits as similarly situated represented employees.

Bargaining Unit(s)

Unit #

Union Name

Current MOU

Current Side letters/ Salary Plans

Labor Agreements (MOUs)

General Employees

14, 16

Service Employees' International Union (“SEIU”), Local 620

General Unit Employees MOU

General Unit Employees MOU Addendum



Treatment and Patrol Employees


Service Employees' International Union (“SEIU”), Local 620

Treatment and Patrol Employees MOU



Hourly Employees


Service Employees' International Union (“SEIU”), Local 620

Hourly Employees MOU



Supervisory Employees

4, 5

Santa Barbara City Supervisory Employees' Bargaining Unit

Supervisory Employees MOU



Police Employees


Santa Barbara Police Officers Association (“SBPOA”)

Police Officers Association MOU



Police Managers


Santa Barbara Police Management Association (“SBPMA”)

Police Managers MOU



Fire Employees


Santa Barbara City Firefighters Association, Inc. (“SBCFA”)

Firefighters Association MOU



Fire Managers


Santa Barbara Fire Managers Association (“SBFMA”)

Fire Managers MOU



Unrepresented Managers


Not applicable

Management Performance & Compensation Plan

 Salary Plan


Compensation Matrix

For your convenience, a summary of the pay and benefit provisions of each agreement is available by viewing the Compensation Matrix also on this website:

Compensation Matrix

Status of Negotiations

For the status of negotiations with the City’s bargaining units, please visit this site

Status of Negotiations

10 Year History of Across-the-Board Salary Increases

Last Updated: Jan 7, 2020
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