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Career Paths

The Career Paths listed below group City job classifications involving work of the same nature, but requiring different levels of skill and responsibility, into charts.  They have been developed as an informational tool to assist both job seekers and City employees to plan for their career development and progression.

Important: This information is intended for general informational purposes only.  Each Career Path on this website is intended to represent the way that an employee in a particular classification would normally progress in his or her career with the City.  However, these Career Paths are not guarantees that an employee will progress, and they certainly don’t represent the only way available for an employee to progress.

Community Development and Housing

Plan Check(83.8 KB)
Planning(83.2 KB)
Real Property(76.6 KB)

Community Services

Library(81.1 KB)
Recreation(78.8 KB)

Financial and Administrative

Accounting(85.1 KB)
Administration(81.2 KB)
Attorney(76.9 KB)
Human Resources(83.2 KB)
Legal Support(78.1 KB)
Purchasing(83.7 KB)
Risk Management(79.7 KB)

Fire Protection

Fire Operations(82.4 KB)
Fire Prevention(81.7 KB)

Law Enforcement

Harbor Patrol(78.1 KB)
Police(78.3 KB)
Police Dispatch(78.8 KB)

Natural Resources

Forestry(82.8 KB)
Water Resources(85.7 KB)


Public Works

Engineering(82.8 KB)

Service and Maintenance

Custodial(81.4 KB)


Water & Wastewater Utility

Laboratory(77.9 KB)
Water Treatment(84.1 KB)
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017
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