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Appeal Procedure: COVID-19

In order to promote social distancing and prioritize the public’s health and well-being, the Clerk’s Office will no longer be accepting appeals over the counter at City Hall. If you wish to file an appeal, please see below for further instructions on how to successfully file an appeal by the deadline:

  • Write an appeal letter addressed to Santa Barbara City Council, containing  the following information:
    • Name of body whose decision is being appealed;
    • Date of meeting which decision was made;
    • Description of decision being appealed;
    • Grounds claimed for the appeal and identifying in particular all significant issued, facts, and affected parties;
    • Appellant’s name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, and signature.
  • Use the Finance Department’s drop box located at City Hall, 735 Anacapa Street, to file the original appeal letter, and a check in the amount of $725.00, payable to City of Santa Barbara. If you wish to submit these documents by first class mail with the postage prepaid, you can mail the appeal letter and payment to the following address:

    Clerk’s Office
    PO Box 1990
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    Please Note: If you plan to mail the appeal letter and fee, it needs to be postmarked no later than the 10th calendar day of the meeting at which the Board took action or rendered its decision. Appeals and associated fees post marked after the 10th calendar day will not be accepted.

  • In addition to mailing, or using the Finance Department’s drop box to file your original documents, you must send an electronic version of the appeal letter to
  • Once Clerk’s staff receives your original appeal letter and payment, you can expect a confirmation email with a receipt of payment.
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2020
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