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What is Measure C?Your Local Sales Tax at Work

Incorporated in 1850, the City of Santa Barbara has many facilities that are old and in need of major improvement and/or renovation. In addition, a lack of funding for streets, sidewalks, storm drains, and other streets-related infrastructure has resulted in the deterioration of these critical systems the community relies upon on a daily basis.

In November 2017, Santa Barbara residents approved Measure C - Santa Barbara Critical Infrastructure and Essential Community Services, which provided a one-cent general purpose local sales transaction and use tax.  The new Sales Tax rate is 8.75%. Measure C, which became effective April 1, 2018, will generate an estimated $22 million per year and provide much-needed general purpose funding, which can be used for critical infrastructure, to address deferred maintenance of City facilities, and to replace the City's outdated and unsafe police station.

Last Updated: Jul 9, 2018
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