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Approved ProjectsYour Local Sales Tax at Work

  • Santa Barbara Police Station
    The project involves the renovation/replacement of the Police Station. The current structure does not meet essential building standards and significant seismic issues must be addressed. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $2,000,000)
  • De La Guerra Plaza Revitalization
    De La Guerra Plaza was designated a Public Square in 1853 and has since served as Santa Barbara’s center of town. A revitalized Plaza will involve expanding the available space by making structural and aesthetic improvements to better serve the community’s arts and cultural events. (Fiscal Year Measure C Approved Budget - $150,000)
  • Drainage Improvements
    Annual program to maintain, improve, and construct citywide public drainage facilities. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $250,000)
  • Sidewalk Access Ramps
    This annual program is used for sidewalk access ramp construction projects in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and per City Standard Details.  (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $1,655,000)
  • Stormwater Facilities Improvements
    Annual program to repair, maintain, and perform minor improvements to public drainage facilities.  (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $1,000,000)
  • Street Lighting Improvements
    This is an annual program to fund new mid-block streetlights and the replacement of existing streetlights (as needed due to knockdowns) with City standard street light poles and fixtures. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $375,000)
  • Traffic Signal Upgrades
    This project maintains public safety and reduced traffic congestion by performing maintenance to keep traffic signals operating reliably. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $1,050,000)
  • Fire Station Alerting System
    Replace and upgrade the fire station alerting system in each of our eight fire stations and the Combined Communications Center. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $426,067)
  • Central Library Plaza Improvement Project
    The renovated space will have improved aesthetics, opportunities for public events, reduced maintenance costs, reduced use of water resources, and incorporate sustainability elements. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $500,000)  
  • Los Banos Boiler Replacement
    Replacement of the Boiler at the Los Banos Pool. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $200,000)
  • Business Corridor Improvements
    To fund the ongoing maintenance of the downtown business corridor in order to support a clean and vibrant downtown business district. Project includes sidewalk paver maintenance, curb painting, sign maintenance, installation of trees, graffiti abatement, street lighting maintenance, and maintenance of improvements located in the public right-of-way. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $250,000)
  • City Wayfinding Sign Program
    Implement the City’s Wayfinding Sign Program to facilitate a visitor-friendly experience when walking, bicycling, and driving throughout the City. (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $300,000)
  • Fiscal Year 2019-B Pavement Maintenance Projects
    Annual pavement maintenance includes the sealing of cracks, slurry seal, asphalt overlay, reconstruction, or other methods as appropriate to maintain an acceptable driving surface.  (Fiscal Year 2019 Measure C Approved Budget - $12,675,000)
  • Mission Street Pavement Maintenance Project
    The project will improve pedestrian accessibility along the corridor by upgrading 12 access ramps to meet ADA requirements and repairing sections of sidewalk. The pedestrian crossings at the Mission/De La Vina intersection will also be shortened, making this intersection easier for pedestrians to navigate. (Fiscal Year 2019 Approved Budget - $1,000,000)
  • Fire Station 7 Replacement Project
    Replacing Fire Station 7 provides the opportunity to design the facility to match current and future needs. This will bring the building into compliance with current seismic, energy efficiency, and building codes. Additionally, the project will provide more efficient use of the space and will allow for a shared location with the U.S. Forest Service. (Total Project Costs - TBD)
Last Updated: May 21, 2019
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