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Approved ProjectsYour Local Sales Tax at Work

City Hall - Elevator Replacement
Replace City Hall Elevator. Design & Feasibility Study funds. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $60,000)
City Hall - Plumbing & Restroom Upgrades
Repair/replace plumbing infrastructure in City Hall. Replace plumbing fixtures and water supply lines. Renovate restrooms to be ADA compliant. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $75,000)

De La Guerra Plaza Revitalization
Improve the infrastructure and function of De La Guerra Plaza. A revitalized Plaza will involve expanding the available space by making structural and aesthetic improvements to better serve the community’s arts and cultural events. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $988,509)

Drainage Improvements
Annual program to maintain, improve, and construct citywide public drainage facilities. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $1,148,018)

Dwight Murphy Field Renovation
Park renovation to include a universally accessible playground, installation of an artificial turf multi-sport field, new youth baseball field, lighting, relocation of the restrooms, new walking paths, landscape renovation, replacement of the adult fitness equipment, and expansion of onsite parking and public right-of-way pedestrian improvements. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $250,000)

Fire Station 7
Preliminary work to construct a new 3,200 square-foot Fire Station utilizing the existing Fire Station 7 site at 2411 Stanwood Dr. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $485,374)

Fiscal Year 2021-A Pavement Maintenance (Slurry Seal) Project
The Fiscal Year 2021A Pavement Maintenance Project will address high priority pavement maintenance needs throughout the City.

Intersection Improvements
Intersections improvements at Santa Barbara and De La Guerra Streets. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $150,000.00)

Minor Renewal – Carrillo Gymnasium
The overall project goal is to halt the degradation of the building by addressing and repairing the root causes. Work will include exterior concrete and stucco repairs, window repair and replacement, and exterior waterproofing. Additionally, the building will receive a seismic assessment to identify any major structural issues.

Minor Renewal - Chase Palm Park Buildings
Facility renewal including roof, paint, interior finishes, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $280,000)

Ortega Park Renovation
Park renovation that will include demolition and construction of a new year-round swimming pool, splash playground, and a shared pool/community building. The project will also provide for a new playground, community event space, multi-sport synthetic field, skate park, ball field and security lighting, park restrooms, picnic facilities, and parking improvements. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $250,000)

Parking Lot - Public Works Corporate Yard Repave
To repair, resurface, and repave the Public Works / Community Development / Corporate Yard parking lot. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $300,000)

Pavement Maintenance Program
Annual pavement maintenance includes the sealing of cracks, slurry seal, asphalt overlay, reconstruction, or other methods as appropriate to maintain an acceptable driving surface. (Link to Fiscal Year 2021- C Pavement Maintenance (Concrete Improvements) Project)

Santa Barbara Police Station Project
The renovation/replacement of the Police Station. The current structure does not meet essential building standards and significant seismic issues must be addressed. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $1,500,000)

Sidewalk Access Ramps
This annual program is used for sidewalk access ramp construction projects in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and per City Standard Details. (Fiscal Year 2020 Measure C Approved Budget - $1,500,000)

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2021
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