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Meagan Harmon, Councilmember - District 6

Current term: through December 2021
Appointed to Council on February 12, 2019 to serve until the 2019 election.

Appointed to a two-year term in August 2019.

District Boundary Map

Committees, Agencies and Liaisons

City Council Standing Committees

  • Finance Committee
  • Farmers' Market Relocation Subcommittee
  • Sustainability Council Committee

Advisory Groups, City Council Liaisons 

  • Access Advisory Committee
  • Architectural Board of Review (alternate)
  • Downtown Parking Committee
  • Housing Authority Commission
  • Neighborhood Advisory Council
  • Single Family Design Board

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Committee on Legislation
  • De La Guerra Plaza Revitalization Design Advisory Committee
  • Police Station Ad Hoc Committee

City-Related Agencies

  • Presidio Joint Powers Committee
  • Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce (alternate)

Council Representation On Regional Agencies

  • City/County Affordable Housing Task Group 
  • Home For Good


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Last Updated: May 19, 2020
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