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State Street Advisory Committee

Most City Board and Commission meetings are being facilitated through telecommunications to avoid close personal contact during the COVID-19 crisis. Please refer to the current Board/Commission meeting agenda for further information on how to participate, or contact the Board/Commission secretary for further assistance.

Introduction and Overview

The Santa Barbara City Council is establishing an Advisory Committee to guide the production of a Downtown State Street Area Master Plan.

The Advisory Committee will provide input and recommendations of the creation of a Downtown State Street Area Master Plan to address the following elements:

  • Streetscape Design and Amenities
  • Transportation and Circulation
  • Housing and Redevelopment Opportunities
  • Economic Development
  • Historic Resources
  • Equity and Accessibility
  • Homeless Strategies
  • Public and Performing Arts
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Funding Strategy

The main focus of the Master Plan is to conceptualize the Downtown State Street corridor and adjacent city blocks. The Master Plan will be a holistic and long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout of the area and an action plan. The proposed area of the Master Plan is from the 101 freeway to Sola Street, Chapala to Anacapa Streets. It is anticipated that the Downtown State Street Area Master Plan will evaluate connectivity and synergy that the commercial areas of the Funk Zone and waterfront can be enhanced. Likewise, the Master Plan will also take into account connectivity of the surrounding downtown neighborhoods. The goal to include this broader area is to ensure that other areas of the downtown core are addressed in the Master Plan. 

Summary & Other Details


15 members in total – 3 Councilmembers, 1 Planning Commissioner, 1 Historic Landmarks Commissioner and 10 open seats to be appointed via an application selection process; 3 of the 10 seats are to be assigned to a downtown property owner, a downtown business owner and or a business organization representative.


A Councilmember selected by City Council


Professional experience, education and stakeholder/community representation; the ability to be a consensus builder and effective Master Plan process representative; and the ability to be an influential champion of the Master Plan, once complete.


1-2 years

Meeting Schedule


Time Commitment

Approximately 4-8 hours/every other month

Financial Disclosure?


Training Requirements

Yes, Successful applicants will receive Ethics training required by AB 1234

Professional and Logistical Assistance

The Council anticipates that a consultant team would be utilized to develop the Master Plan after the advisory committee member selection process.

Appointment Process

City Council will select 10 members from applicant pool.


State Street Advisory Committee Application PDF


Last Updated: Aug 3, 2021
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