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Boards & Commissions N-Z

  • Neighborhood Advisory Council
    Providing guidance and operation assistance to the City Council, Parks and Recreation Commission, and Parks and Recreation Department in the provision of neighborhood services for residents of the City of Santa Barbara.
  • Oversight Board
    Comprised of representatives from various local taxing entities and organizations for the purposes of directing the successor agency to the former redevelopment agency.
  • Oversized Vehicle Off-Street Parking Ad Hoc Stakeholder Committee
    The Oversized Vehicle Off-Street Parking Ad Hoc Stakeholder Committee was established on November 8, 2016 to consider additional off-street parking opportunities for persons living in oversized vehicles and bring recommendations to Council.
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
    In May 1929 the Recreation Commission was established by City Council on the recommendation of the Board of Park Commissioners, who felt that City parks would be more frequently used if recreational facilities were included in the parks.
  • Planning Commission
    The extensive rebuilding that followed the 1925 earthquake offered the Commission, newly developed in 1923, a fresh opportunity for instituting a planning process for the future growth of the City.
  • Rental Housing Mediation Board
    The Rental Housing Mediation Board was established by resolution in 2015. Formerly known as the Rental Housing Mediation Task Force, it was originally established by the former Community Relations Commission in February 1976 and staffed by volunteers.
  • Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show Advisory Committee
    The Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show is a long standing tradition along the Santa Barbara waterfront. Established in 1965 by local artists and sponsored by the City of Santa Barbara’s Parks and Recreation Department since 1966, the show is now the only continuous, non-juried art festival of original drawings, paintings, graphics, sculpture, crafts, and photography in the world.
  • Santa Barbara Youth Council
    The Youth Council serves as a youth voice on the creation of city policies and the coordination and development of facilities and activities for teens in the community.
  • Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Plan Subcommittee
    On June 12, 2018, City Council formed a Sea Level Rise (SLR) Adaptation Plan Subcommittee to provide guidance in the preparation of a Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan for the City.
  • Sign Committee
    The City of Santa Barbara has long recognized that signs are an integral part of the cityscape and, as such, can detract from or enhance the City's image and character.
  • Single Family Design Board
    The Single Family Design Board was created in 2007, by Santa Barbara Municipal Code Chapter 22.69.010 to promote the general welfare, protect and preserve the City’s natural and historical charm, and enhance the City’s aesthetic appeal and beauty.
  • Sister Cities Board
    In June, 1973, the Board was established to oversee and coordinate the activities of the Sister City Program, part of the People-to-People Program initiated by Eisenhower in 1956 to promote friendship among people regardless of race, color or creed.
  • Staff Hearing Officer
    The main goal of the Staff Hearing Officer (SHO) program, which was created in 2006, is to improve and simplify the discretionary planning process for projects that are generally non-controversial and do not involve major land use policy considerations.
  • State Street Advisory Committee
    The Santa Barbara City Council is establishing an Advisory Committee to guide the production of a Downtown State Street Area Master Plan.
  • Street Tree Advisory Committee
    The Street Tree Advisory Committee was established by the Park Commission on December 20, 1979, to advise the Commission on tree removals and planting. The three-member Committee was chaired by a member of the Park Commission with two other members appointed by the Commission.
  • Tenant / Landlord Task Force
    The Tenant / Landlord Task Force was established on June 20, 2017 to consider and make recommendations to Council regarding tenant protection alternatives
  • Transportation & Circulation Committee
    Formed in 1999 by Resolution No. 99-031 the purpose of the Committee is to advise City Council and the Planning Commission on transportation issues and various issues dealing with alternate transportation strategies.
  • Water Commission
    The City Council created a City Water Commission headed by Eugene Sheffield in 1900 to administer water services.
Last Updated: Dec 4, 2014
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