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Arts Advisory Committee

Most City Board and Commission meetings are being facilitated through telecommunications to avoid close personal contact during the COVID-19 crisis. Please refer to the current Board/Commission meeting agenda for further information on how to participate, or contact the Board/Commission secretary for further assistance.


Arts Commission Presentation

On September 4, 1984, City Council directed that an Arts Commission Task Force be established to undertake a study of the formation, cost and organizational structure of a City Arts Commission. On August 6, 1985, Council adopted Resolution No. 85-105, which established the Arts Advisory Committee.

General Functions

  • Recommend for Council approval an annual set of goals and objectives that will serve the visual, performing, literary and multi-media arts.
  • Recommend for Council approval a set of policies and procedures pertaining to visual art in public places.
  • Advise and make recommendations to Council with respect to the following: 
  • The temporary and/or permanent placement of works of art in public places owned by the City. When the Committee recommends that certain works of art be located in City parks or in facilities managed by the Recreation Department, such recommendation shall be referred to the Parks/Recreation Commission before a final recommendation to Council;
  • The inventory, use, placement and maintenance of City-owned works of art;
  • The acceptance of gifts of art to the City;
  • The active acquisition of works of art for the City; and
  • A mechanism for soliciting and including public input in the process of selection of works of art and their placement, when appropriate.

  1. The Committee shall work in an advisory capacity to City departments, commissions and committees, on matters pertaining to the Committee's functions.
  2. When appropriate, the Committee shall work with other civic or community groups to jointly sponsor events or competitions related to the visual arts.
  • As used herein, "Works of Art" refers to all forms of original creations of visual arts, including, but not limited to:
    • sculpture in the round, base relief, mobile, fountain, kinetic, electronic, etc., in any material or combination of materials;
    • painting, all media, including portable and permanently affixed works, such as murals, frescoes;
    • graphic arts, printmaking and drawing;
    • mosaics;
    • photography;
    • crafts--clay, fiber and textiles, wood, plastics and other materials;
    • calligraphy;
    • stained glass; and
    • mixed media--any combination of forms or media including collage.
Committee Functions
Membership 7 Members
  1. Should be persons with acknowledged accomplishments in the arts and persons who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to cultural and arts activities.
  2. Four members must be qualified electors of the City.
  3. The three remaining members shall reside in the South Coast area of Santa Barbara County, bounded by the Gaviota tunnel on the north and the Santa Barbara County line on the south.
Length of Term Four years and until successors are appointed and qualified. Staggered terms expire on December 31 of the appropriate year.
Meeting Schedule The Committee meets on the third Thursday of every month at 3:30 p.m. in the David Gebhard Public Meeting Room, 630 Garden Street.
Financial Disclosure Requirement Members are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests upon appointment, annually and when leaving the advisory group.
Compensation None.
Staff Sarah York Rubin, Executive Director of the Office of Arts & Culture (805) 568-3990 or City Administrator's Office (805) 564-5305.
Reference Resolution Nos. 85-105, 85-059, and 82-151.
Last Updated: Jun 9, 2020
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