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In March 2009, the Federal government allocated the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds to each State. The ARRA funds are disseminated to the City through the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments. The City will be receiving approximately $3.7 million for eligible transportation projects.

Staff has identified three projects for expenditure of these funds.

Project Funding Amount
Road Overlay & Maintenance $2,674,796
Access Ramp & Sidewalk Maintenance $800,000
Pedestrian Countdown Timers & Battery Backup Upgrades $300,000
Total $3,774,796

Additional information regarding funding received by the Santa Barbara County Association of Government be found at the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments. Additional information regarding Recover Act funding opportunities for transportation can be found at the Department of Transportation.

Council Agenda Reports

July 12, 2011(39.8 KB)
June 30, 2009(27.6 KB)
March 16, 2010(5.82 MB)

Quarterly Update Reports

June 30, 2010(5.5 KB)
June 30, 2011(6.1 KB)
June 30, 2012(16.1 KB)
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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