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Request Access Assistance

If you need aids, services, or staff assistance in order to gain access to, comment at, or participate in a City meeting, program, service, or activity, please contact the ADA liaison for the department. If possible, notification at least 48 hours in advance of the need for assistance will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements in most cases.

City Department Accessibility Contacts
Christie Lanning
Human Resources Analyst,
Administrative Services Department
(805) 897-2544
Aaron Keller
Airport Operations Manager,
Airport Department
(805) 692-6025
Nicole Grisanti
Office Supervisor,
City Council/Administrator
(805) 564-5301
Leanna Pencek
Legal Office Supervisor,
City Attorney's Office
(805) 564-5466
Christina (Tina) Dye
Chief Building Official,
Community Development Department
(805) 564-5553
Mark Howard
Risk Manager,
Finance Department
(805) 897-2654
Ron Liechti
Administrative Services Manager,
Fire Department
(805) 564-5708
Jessica Cadiente
Library Director,
Library Department
(805) 564-5609
Rich Hanna
Recreation Programs Manager,
Parks & Recreation Department
(805) 897-2591
Charles Katsapis
Police Department
(805) 897-3712
Brian D'Amour
City Engineer,
Public Works Department
(805) 897-2661
Jim Dewey
Streets Operations and Infrastructure Manager
Public Works Department
(805) 564-5568
Brian Adair
Waterfront Facilities Manager,
Waterfront Department
(805) 564-5527
Last Updated: Aug 3, 2021
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