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Zoning, Fire Inspection, Building & Construction Permits

New Businesses should research requirements and regulations for the City of Santa Barbara. Review specifications for your business type.

  • Planning Central information 
  • Building & Safety information 

This section includes:

  • Public Works & Community Development Counter: outdoor dining, signs & design review
  • Fire Inspections: safety inspections
  • Contractors: local and state licensed
  • Medical Marijuana Storefront Collective Dispensaries permits

Be sure to see Building & Safety Division for permits, approval and other permit requirements.

Public Works & Community Development Counter:

Questions regarding zoning, "outdoor dining", business signs contact Community Development / Public Works at 630 Garden St or call (805) 564-5485.
They have free onsite parking.

To ensure Business Zoning, contact Public Works.

Fire Inspection Program

The Santa Barbara City Fire Department conducts Fire and Life Safety inspections on hotels, motels and apartment/condo complexes, educational facilities, professional buildings/ offices, mercantile businesses and assemblies, all restaurants that contain a hood system regardless of size, occupancies of low-high hazards, institutionalized facilities, senior and childcare centers, storage and parking facilities and airport hangars and occupancies. Inspections of this sort are conducted on a 2 year rotational schedule and charged accordingly to occupancy type. Under the California Fire Code, the Fire Department, acting as the "Enforcing Agency", is allowed to charge reasonable fees to recoup costs associated with these services. As fees in the past remained static for many years, the current fees are reflective of actual costs incurred.

For current information on fire inspection fees please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (805) 564-5702.


City municipal code requires any business providing Contractor work must process both State and City licenses.

Download a copy of the City of Santa Barbara Business License Application.

Review Contractor License Status

For the State of California visit:

For the City of Santa Barbara, you can look up the City Business License

Medical Marijuana

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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