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Check Zoning & Building RegulationsBusiness Licenses

Determining zoning requirements prior to signing a lease or contract is imperative. Check with the City to see if the type of business you plan to operate is legal in the desired location. View more information on Zoning, Fire, Inspection, Building & Construction Permits.

  • Community Development & Public Works
    630 Garden Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    (805) 564-5455 or 564-5485
  • Sign Permit Information       
    (805) 564-5578
  • Building & Zoning Complaints Hotline
    (805) 897-2676

Security Alarm Registration Application

Everyone with a security alarm, both business and residential, are required to be registered with the Santa Barbara Police Department (Municipal Code 9.100).  It is the responsibility of the alarm user to register the alarm in a timely manner.

Remit application form with $40. Send payment to:

Santa Barbara Police - Alarms
PO Box 539
Santa Barbara, CA 93102 

Contact with questions or comments.

Registrations must be renewed annually.  A reminder notice will be sent to registered users within 30 days of expiration.

Registered alarm users will not be billed for the first two false alarms that occur within their 12-month registration period.  Unregistered alarm users will incur charges with the first false alarm and all subsequent alarms.

Obtain Important Permits & Licenses

The business type chosen determines the licenses and permits needed to legally operate your business. For City of Santa Barbara Permits and Licenses see the Miscellaneous Permits for forms and information.

For a list of regulated occupations and professional services, contact:

California Department of Consumer Affairs
400 R Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(800) 952-5210

The State also operates CalGOLD, a website that provides detailed information on required permits, licenses and regulations. The information provided is specific to your type of business and its location in California.

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015